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  1. lillyfly


    Jedi is the plural for Jedi, it's also the same to refure to them as a group. "The Last Jedi" might not be one person, but more the Jedi that are left are the last of them.
  2. I still play this game, but only whenever I go out to visit friends who live in the city. Being in a more rurual location has probably done more to force me to get happy about stuff that people were getting super excited about months ago. Been with the game since American launch and I am level 17 and just a few days ago was able to get the last eeveelution. I still get excited about finding new Pokemon when most people I know have already filled their dex (as much as they can at least). It's strange how the experience for rural to city players differs.
  3. lillyfly


    Disney knows how to do dark, especially that secret kinda dark were you don't really think about it at first but then it just kinda hits you and makes you see everything differently (Beauty and the Beast and Lion King are the most popular examples, but go back before Little Mermaid came out and you'll really see what I mean.) So when people complain that Disney is gonna "clean up" the series, I don't think that is gonna happen. If anything now Star Wars has the funding to really get into the world, plus as some people have already pointed out they are pulling from the legends /EU, so it's not
  4. lillyfly


    I honestly didn't really start getting into Star Wars until my Star Wars obsessed friend started GM'ing Edge of the Empire for us. I mean, I've played a few games and of course seen the movies but never really got into the world. I wish I was really into it before Disney bought them and now everything is split into "canon" and "legenions". Although for tabletop gameplay resons having canon non-canon ledgeions in your story has been interesting.
  5. Personally always like Slowking better, something about that dumb slowbro face becoming "regal" I found funny. Congratulations.
  6. simple suggestions that kinda bother me. 1) Please fix the information in Frequently Asked Questions, it's bad when you have friends who wants to play the game, you tell them to go skim that topic, to only find out that not only does the topic have outdated information, but has information about mechanics not even used in game anymore. And I don't wanna explain it, why I sent them to the forums in the first place (yes I know I'm such a good friend). 2) Why do the recently updated posts tell me when they were started. I don't care when they were started, I care about when they were upda
  7. FromSoftware is a partner, makes me wonder is Dark Souls (and it's esk games) are gonna be on it. Invasions on the go could be cool. There are just a lot of things we don't know yet that are keeping me from being hyped up about it, mostly like what's the battery lift gonna be like once you take it out of the port, and will my fps and resolution go down when I take it out. I am in love with the concept though.
  8. dat sig tho

    1. lillyfly


      Which one? I have them all on a rotator. O.o

    2. ragstal


      the creepy one...its so...dark

    3. lillyfly


      This lovely person made it for me, https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/profile/5360-hol/


      They aren't an active user anymore unfortunately. Thanks for the complement though. ^w^

  9. lillyfly


    Don't know who here is on the Sombra ARG Discord, but it's a nightmare up in there rn. Most amusing to watch.
  10. lillyfly


    Oh I had no problem with the tutorial boss, it was just the second. And once I figured out the gimmick of the 3rd she wasn't so bad either. Didn't really have to fight the 4th boss b/c of my actions in the tutorial area, but well... the 5th one took some time.
  11. lillyfly


    This is the game that told me I was bad at games. Literally fought the first "boss" (I don't count the tutorial boss, you know who just trying to be as spoiler free as possible), and well... after losing so many times he felt so bad he just let me go. Just straight up told me he felt sorry for my ass and let me pass. rip me
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