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  1. Not to mention that comp shinies are easy & pretty affordable to make now You're getting a "reward" that fails at rewarding you with anything of value. They're untradeable regardless, at least make them viable
  2. He wishes, my boy breaks his laptop everytime he loses I don't need to tell you the frequency at which that happens
  3. Outdated and nonsensical sign-up method for the only tournament that matters, classic. Having rankings tied to a system in which you need luck to even participate is just plain silly. I'm sure there's a plethora of better methods, off the top of my head: Allow it to be 32 teams and split the tournament in 2 evenings, random seeding would mean that you'd tweak your ranking system numbers accordingly. Hold a separate TT for beginner teams, league A & B based on past performance, shuffling every X months with teams going up and down. You made a ranking system, flawed but it ex
  4. Draft leagues are always fun. 2 (or more) people per team seems necessary given the nature of the game (it bears repeating that doing well will likely require a lot of diversity in the sets you bring). Could do a captain piloting and an additional 1/2/x people acting as a front office, even rotate the captain position if the teams want that. @Poufilou Usually drafts consist of a larger number of mons than what you actually bring each week. For example one could allow a 10/12 mons draft per team, it makes for more diversity and gives teams more leeway on teambuilding week to week. The way
  5. More new people, welcome @Gunthug, @DoubleJ, @DaftCoolio, @KaynineXL, @Toast & @BurntZebra Jk that's my wishlist Except toast, it's a misdirect
  6. Historically, having fred state something will lead others to believe the opposite Ergo Aerun paid fred
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