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  1. Team Name: Solemn Promise Team Tag: [VOW] Registered Players: Imabetheverybest, Suneet, Senjutsuka, SweeTforU, TohnR, Sargeste, Draekyn, CHUCKunso, Pottina, RexB, Hysteriantics, LynxL, StriderxD, Abstractt, KawaiiAkame, Rynners, EricTheGreat, Razimove, TheSosukeAizen, OrangeManiac Team Captain: Imabetheverybest
  2. Clearly a typo, Kyu obviously meant 20 year anniversary Initial shiny rate was a typo too, surely
  3. We are recruiting an active & dedicated OU player. Must have solid experience in the tier & be able to adapt to the upcoming tier shift. Fill out our app form or contact me directly Draek#0441. General recruitment remains open here.
  4. When you keep the april fool’s joke going til June yikes
  5. Team Name: Solemn Promise Team Tag: VOW Registered Players: Imabetheverybest, SweeTforU, ChuckUnso, Abstractt, Sargeste, Draekyn, JeanMarch, StriderxD, Rynners, Pottina, TheSosukeAizen, Suneet, Crystalcastle, RexB, Forfiter, Ravael, Senjutsuka, TohnR, OrangeManiac, EricTheGreat Team Captain: Draekyn
  6. Explanation A scavenger hunt is a PvE event where players will be challenged with catching 6 specific Pokémon as fast as possible. Players win prizes according to the order of their submissions of ALL target Pokémon; that is, the first player to submit all 6 targets wins first prize, the second player to do so wins second prize, and so on. Date Saturday, April 16th 2022 Time 19:00 UTC Location Pokemon will be chosen from the region of Kanto. Event host Draekyn Rules The host will announce the list of the Pokémon you will have to catch in team chat at the start of the event. You need to catch every Pokémon listed. The winners, from 1st place to 3rd place, will be the first players to link in whispers the 6 Pokémon to the event host. You must link your entry to the event host via whisper to submit it. Positions from 1st to 3rd place will be determined by the order in which the host receives whispers. Only Pokémon caught after the start of the event will be accepted a valid entries. You must be the OT of all the Pokémon submitted. All Pokémon must remain unchanged (untrained, unevolved, etc.). Evolved or unevolved forms of the listed Pokémon will not be accepted as a valid entry. Prizes 1st Place Prize 1M 2nd Place Prize 500k 3rd Place Prize 300k
  7. Team Name: Solemn Promise Team Tag: VOW Registered Players: OrangeManiac, Chuckunso, Senjutsuka, Ravael, Pottina, RexB, Forfiter, Draekyn, Zigh, EricTheGreat, Imabetheverybest, Abstractt, TheSosukeAizen, MiamiHeartz, Sargeste, Rynners, TohnR, JeanMarcH, AvaRuta, SweeTforU Team Captain: Draekyn
  8. Correct. Getting even further away from the point but fully agreed
  9. You're correct, handhelds don't provide health % or status of things not on the field. If memory serves you do see what has fainted as it should be greyed out. Don't quote me on that though, could also be the 2 mons that weren't picked (VGC) once the 4 picked are revealed, it's been a few months for me. I'll respond just in case you weren't just going on a tangent but making an argument—though not explicitly stated—along the lines of "we might not have info that the handhelds have, but we do have info that they don't". If that's not the argument you are making, great! You can ignore the rest of this post. If it is, a few things: VGC is different from any MMO tier in terms of information management for obvious reasons. I made the comparison myself to showcase how it should be displayed in regards to effect-extending items. The entire point is that we should not have LESS information available than the handhelds, not that we should somehow find an equilibrium between the information they have that we don't and vice versa. That would require us to weigh different types of information and their value across formats which would be silly. Exact health % and status information being in MMO is a clear sign that the devs are aware that it is information we should have. If anything, we should have more information than the handhelds and continue to pick Showdown's best ideas as we're closer to Smogon than the handhelds (MMO Doubles =/= VGC). Bit besides the point but yes, health % on mouseover does fuck with Zoroark as you pointed out but that's a trade-off I'll gladly take (Zoroark—still top tier in NU by the way—vs. a functioning system, not a tough call for me personally). Your signature definitely didn't successfully rickroll me as I got bored typing this out.
  10. Foe's Reflect (1 or 4 turns) Might want to read that a couple times or you just might miss it again
  11. Simple QOL feature that should've been implemented years ago It's a feature on Showdown and for good reason. We're tracking movesets, PP, spreads/natures, checking damage rolls, positioning and win cons. It's information that should be readily available, Showdown even goes as far as to give the player movesets/PP once revealed. As Orange mentionned, this has been a feature in the main series as well for some time If my memory serves, main series assumes no relevant held item. For example, it will show X/5 until the held item is revealed either by frisk, trick etc. or the screen/weather in question lasts longer than 5 turns at which point it switches to an X/8 display) You've got space right here, look at all this space, wow Found 1 similar suggestion from 2019 in about 20s, I'm sure there are many more as it's been requested for years, do you read these? Pls respond,
  12. Automated tourney scheduling is coded in in some way right? Unless I'm proven there's no way to switch that shit around, I'll keep thinking that although the poor scheduling isn't on you, it's on someone. Someone who doesn't pay attention or doesn't give a fuck about their game's biggest tournaments
  13. Trode quickban aside, with the use of a single brain cell you could have planned ahead and scheduled UU/NU seasonals on this past weekend and have had OU/Dubs (for which movements don't matter) this weekend. You would have avoided a lot of sourness from the few players that still play those tiers. Seems poorly planned on all fronts to me.
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