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  1. Is PokeMMO dying?

    Shrodinger's cat says idk
  2. Is PokeMMO dying?

    Everyone is dying in a sense, you're dying too Also Santa isn't real
  3. Shiny trade is dead

    I agree with Aerun about the rare shinies part, I think people's perception of what a "rare" shiny is is skewed. Things like Lapras and safari rares won't budge that much. This however is a really good point
  4. We are known as Veni Vidi Vici Vixi, which stands for: I came, I saw, I conquered, I lived. We are competitive players and collectors of rare shiny pokemon. VVVV was established December 18th 2012 by Rigamorty, Malp, Jindu, Nebula and TheGreatSalami. We are PokeMMO's oldest active team, not only are we one of the last remnants of PokeMMO's history but over the first year of our existence we have been one of the richest and most competitive teams. In the recent past, we have made competitive play our focal point all the while retaining our wealth. Some of the faces have changed over all those years, but our goals remain the same; be the most competitive, richest, revered team in PokeMMO. VVVV has been voted by the community, the best team to ever grace PokeMMO Draekyn Aerun Parke OrangeManiac HXIN Cheels Jindu Razimove Tranzmaster StriderxD Yggdrasil Tyrone Dougii Evanders Ihzi Zigh YonasMedy Summrs Wafflesisback Dekisugi Reevs Sapphiresm imRioter Jate CHUCKunso TRichie Cootje Zorth lolnoopkiller JoshLindsayy ClarenceTheMan Pastels RiFFRAFF Eggplant Impulse DynamicPyro RioHex Ryojii masterkakashi Rulana Steinpanzer Unluckyy Shinysquint Detainn LordofFloofs Chocokem ChaeRim GG UnderToasted Fallen Members Malp / Nebula / Drapht / Thegreatsalami / Brutalgg / Kesa / Jag / Waldoj / Pokennon / SmokEm / Vorpalchan / Caracal / Homura / Mataiden / Gymleadergreen / Vorred / Zorth / Naitdawg / Kyzu / KingTsunami / DRFT / Azzbo / RioHex
  5. Shiny trade is dead

    Fair point, I don't know about OP but my point of view is that the low cost of horde shinies or shinies in general isn't an issue The issue is the lack of actual trading, and that's not as related to our growing supply as the low cost thing It's just not fun right now
  6. Shiny trade is dead

    Doubt this has any effect, however this does Shinies are and should be one of the last reasons people play comp @OP VD used to keep shiny trading somewhat alive, it's been brought back but it's just not the same and neither is shiny trading
  7. Selling some comps

  8. Selling some comps

    These are some old comps you might want, leave your offer here, you won't find me in-game much List of the shit-I'm selling: Ada Breloom Jolly Breloom Ada Heracross Modest Kingdra Timid HP Ice Jolteon Timid Starmie Modest Starmie Timid Starmie Ada Gyarados Ada Flygon Ada Metagross Ada Metagross Ada Snorlax Careful Snorlax Jolly Tyranitar Ada Pupitar (semi ev'd) Pokemon info: Might do more of those in the future
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copyright_infringement
  10. you'd be in trouble
  11. [Sig] Draekyn's Signatures

    made a random one I don't like, let me know if you want me to slap your name on it
  12. [Sig] Draekyn's Signatures

  13. [Sig] Draekyn's Signatures

  14. [Sig] Draekyn's Signatures


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