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  1. Draft leagues are always fun. 2 (or more) people per team seems necessary given the nature of the game (it bears repeating that doing well will likely require a lot of diversity in the sets you bring). Could do a captain piloting and an additional 1/2/x people acting as a front office, even rotate the captain position if the teams want that. @Poufilou Usually drafts consist of a larger number of mons than what you actually bring each week. For example one could allow a 10/12 mons draft per team, it makes for more diversity and gives teams more leeway on teambuilding week to week. The way they're usually ran is mons are given a value (mostly dependant on tier), each team being allowed X amount of mons from each tier, making it so teams can be creative and make use of lower tier mons with specific sets to counter opposing threats each week. @ThinkNicer Pulling the doubles crowd by running both simultaneously is a good idea, it would probably be best to limit the number of teams running (spitballing but 10 for each league seems fine) by making them larger (front office or pilot rotation) so you don't end up with too many teams, making the draft process difficult.
  2. More new people, welcome @Gunthug, @DoubleJ, @DaftCoolio, @KaynineXL, @Toast & @BurntZebra Jk that's my wishlist Except toast, it's a misdirect
  3. Historically, having fred state something will lead others to believe the opposite Ergo Aerun paid fred
  4. Attaboy @Aerun it worked you made 7th place, party time
  5. Jokes aside it's a pretty solid alliteration even if you don't understand it I think kids are taught to appreciate those in 2nd grade, it's fine though
  6. Watchmojo and this guy taught me there is an appeal in ranking shit you understand nothing about
  7. Before the end of 2013 Aw weren't as dominant as they've been since then so JJ's was an honest mistake. Incredibly consistent team throughout they kind of fuck with the cycle idea. Idea which still holds, if the debate was showdown tier or not (since it's a debate literally every season now, I'm going to assume it was as I haven't read much) - Maybe let the old farts play, whether you think they are/were good or not. Better to enjoy something with more people even at the perceived cost of some competitiveness, at least that's how I feel. Also coolio lmao Fuck Aerun though
  8. They won their first TT in June, about a year into the game
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