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  1. oi uguuhead, stop being inactive

  2. Draekyn

    [Sig][Tutorial] Make a userbar

    Dunno about his specifically, but we usually use pixels not actual fonts
  3. Draekyn

    clubs are bad

    Moreso than what is mentionned in the OP, visibility is an issue for me. I used to be able to browse through team threads fairly easily and see which were updated in a second, looking at the round table subforum. Keeping up with what's going on is less enticing because of the additional maneuvering/existence of closed clubs. Because of that, I've noticed a drop in activity (posting, views, likes) in most team threads. Might be just me though. All I now know as far as teams go is that SASS is dead because Coolio smells. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of clubs & I don't have any easy solution to offer at this point in time.
  4. Draekyn

    Let us Customise Team Ranks

    Maybe like 20 identical threads/posts made in the past yeah
  5. Draekyn

    [PSL X] Week One

    Don't want to stir shit and don't want to give my opinion on this. I'll just point out that JJ had about 10 times the forum presence the current 3 hosts combined have now. Though sometimes his calls were questionnable, at least he communicated. I believe this might play a role in your players' frustration. If there's someplace they answer everything that's being said here disregard my statement. If not, start typing boys.
  6. Trade chat going strong
  7. Draekyn

    Buying Shinies

  8. 7am EU on a Monday so ye
  9. Draekyn

    Buying Shinies

    Bump lf more stuff
  10. Draekyn

    I'm happy to have found this game and here's why

    wait until you meet @Aerun
  11. Draekyn

    Buying Shinies

  12. Implying we aren't the only cool kids club

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