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  1. Draekyn

    Aerun Roast

    Aerun is like Mr Potato Head got Pinnochio's wish to become a real boy
  2. Draekyn

    Aerun Roast

    Good thing is if we roast Aerun we could bring world hunger to an end
  3. geni, veni, get it? also aerun smells
  4. "Fixed an issue where Flinch rates would not be affected by Serene Grace" @OrangeManiac @KOHHuiXIN isn't that what you guys tested? Also "Fixed Growth's stat boosts" oboy
  5. Draekyn

    What's your fav pokemon

  6. Draekyn

    [Sig] Draekyn's Signatures

  7. @Toast @DaftCoolio
  8. Draekyn

    Fake mon thread

    Aerun Dark/Edgy Type HP: 0 ATK: 0 DEF: 0 S.ATK: 0 S.DEF: 0 SPE: 0 Ability: Triggered 4x Common Sense weakness
  9. when every kid on the playground wants to be the red power ranger
  10. Draekyn

    About Legendaries

    Did the rational behind delaying their implementation have to do with competitive play? As in that they wanted a way to make them hard to obtain but to keep things fair for all comp players? Or was it simply that they wanted to incorporate them into the gameplay in a compelling way i.e. dungeons? My memory is failing me and I can't be bothered to read all the "lf legendaries" threads, so since you're here...

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