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  1. Marik confirmed how ever sis
  2. What a creative way to come out, proud of you bb
  3. So they fucked with the number of 40s we get, which wasn't broken at all instead of fixing the spawn rate and drop rate
  4. Anyone getting lv40 arkanas? Got 8 lv30s, 0 lv40s
  5. Doesn't look that huge to me, he could probably have saved some space by not putting "By Bryen" on it but to each his own.
  6. 449x240 is not oversized, don't worry. Your text is cut off though
  7. 4 minutes before the maintenance hits, last lv.40 Joey dropped 2 RES PRAISE BE TO LORD JAJA still only got 1 REI though
  8. no more vagabonds for you
  9. I'm about to fucking lose it honestly, the drop rates on joey are obnoxiously low, not to mention his spawn rate
  10. @Pyroface
  11. @Kyu Those changes look great On another note your personal stand on value discussion and its biggest downside (market manipulation) is quite a big surprise for me, if I recall correctly Mike and Munya told me a VD return was voted against, regardless of any possible tweaking. I'm pretty sure that I was told the dev team was firmly against it.
  12. You mentionned that you read or skimmed through the trading thread in the general discussion subforum, you should be able to get some ideas in there. We're not asking for magical solutions. That's why I disagree with your earlier comment dismissing temporary fixes as bad practice, they might take some of the time allotted to your end goals, but things like reverting to global trade chat would go a long way towards making the game enjoyable in its current form. I don't, thankfully I'm not trying to run a game. What bothers me is that while we are made aware of the progress on the new content (dev blog), we are left guessing when it comes to the progress on older projects (An update on the issues with legendary dungeons would be something a lot of competitive players would like to see within that dev blog post). You believe moving forward is the way to have the game live longer, and that's likely to be true because of the influx of new players. But it would be reassuring to know older projects are still being worked on without having to ask or to look for the information given by staff members on a 2 months old suggestion thread.