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  2. ok its my signature for my dota forums account xD
  3. This is going to be my phone wallpaper. wootwoot
  4. Sure! You could put some weed on top of the flaming crobat and put some smoke. lol thanks! :D
  5. Can you draw this [spoiler][/spoiler] with flames and shit
  6.   Omg can I have some legendaries
  7. There are no Legendaries in the game, YET!   And no, it has the same chance in the game. 1/8192 you just see plenty of people with shinies because there are alot of people in the game.
  8. I usually just put all my comps/UTs in box 7.   So IF this gets worked on, it doesn't have to be a priority.
  9. Personally, when I am leveling up my pokemon, I go to 6island / 7island and use vs seeker to train them, but sometimes, I just can't keep count of the 20 hour cooldown, so I suggest a timer above the Xs of the trainer, the format would be like hours:minutes:seconds so it would be easier to keep track of things.
  10.   wot   dafuq   u nid drugs bruh
  11. Actually, we had an argument whether IVs should be implemented in the game or what. Bryn was explaining to somebody how lvl 100 modest charizards would just be equal. He then said some stuff about IVs again.
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