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  1. it's a pretty standard isekai that feels like a jdf recruitment for weebs. not amazing not horrible. better then sao
  2. mayor is a community elected representative/position. i started the thread for bestfreinds election with no staff approval or involvement and it was run by the community. term length of the community representative is not a staff decision. whether we elect a new guy or not is not staffs business. if the community agrees with the 2 year term then great but we should actually think about it and make a decision and not let one guy make the decision for us just because he made a cool game and has good taste in lab coats.
  3. democracy is based on everyone being equal and having a equal say. staff control the forums and game. if staff step in and take control and say 40% of the community and staff want to thing a and 60% want thing b staff can and might just decide to "make the right decision" for us. separation of church and state is a very american concept. is this america?
  4. idk about anyone else but i would rather keep it in the community like psl.
  5. romance- thats not really my thing action- overlord one punch gridman aldnoah fate zero horror- Mahoutsukai no Yome re zero goblin slayer short- (all of these are commedeys) senyu The Disastrous Life of Saiki K Poputepipikku or "pop team epic"
  6. when im not sure i usually dont post or throw in a "this is just my opinion" or "idk but i think". but 9/10 times i dont post and just watch.
  7. their is no perfect option. but one gives someone a unbeatable cheat and one gives everyone a more limited cheat. there are only so many vpns with so many addresses. pia which is one of the biggest has 52 locations with a total of a little over 3000 ip's divided among them. you can choose a node and get one ip from that node. to get a new ip you have to disconnect and reconnect to get a random ip which may be the same or one already used. while there are many ip's it will take hours to get a few hundred votes, and this is with one the biggest and most expensive vpns that i KNOW many people on these forums uses. the more people using it the more often you will try to vote and find the ip already used. tl;dr lots of people will have lots of votes vs everyone has one vote except one person with hundreds or thousands
  8. first election riga got on other peoples accounts and voted. second election the same. i dont see any reason to doubt it happening a third time. with one vote per ip, you need a vpn which cost money and most vpns only have a few dozen or hundred ip addresses. as we saw last election everyone with a vpn voted and it canceled eachother out.
  9. if the vote is held on the forums, then you're just giving riga the election.
  10. your missing a day because of leap year. also +1 and for candidate i submit crimar as he had a good run last election
  11. black clover has the naruto problem. they try to stretch the source material too much and things like "guy goes to guild" take up the entire episode when it should only be a short scene. i read enough of the manga to know its a good story, but the effort in patience is just too much. in another anime forums im on 1 guy didnt drop it and nearly everyone gave it a try. also mc's voice actor shouts everything for some reason? i feel like fma 1. the creator made a good story and the anime team fucked up. maybe we'll get a good one some day, but probably not =/
  12. why try to be better than your competition when you get get rid of them?
  13. or they believe in their doubles players and trust their skilled players in the best tier to get the wins.
  14. @gbwead get fucked doubles is not only a real tier, its the most played tier in the psl.
  15. i dont think he will make a lot of changes on his original ideas. i think its a mistake to think we KNOW what those ideas are for sure since they writers of the show could do anything with it and we are assuming they followed martins ideas.
  16. tfw i enjoyed watching someone complain about this season more then i enjoyed the season. i hate this
  17. ending sucked. this season in general sucked. this is fma all over again, brotherhood will make it right once the source material is done.
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