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  1. ikr? havent seen such impressive skills since that guy who had a lyle hard on. what was his name? eserkut or something shitty like that?
  2. a friend and i are going to sit down and watch every e1 of every anime this season so who knows what i'll pick up but probably everything on your list + all the isekais at least for a few episodes + lord el, vinland, and accelerator im sorry im part of the problem.
  3. summer anime season starting in july. whats everyone looking forward to? it looks like it will shape out to be a actual good season. and ofc the weird oba nobunaga themed anime trend continues. it's practically a genre at this point.
  4. more like the cripple challenged you to a race then broke his leg before he could even start and it was called a no contest instead of a win.
  5. different host. personally im a bit more heartless and would lean towards "oh well your fucked sorry m8" but it's the host call. the whole reason we have a host and not just rules is because rules cant outline every possible problem and someone needs to make that call. he did now get over it.
  6. nothing really. the extension thing is probably "its tuesday the next week time to move on"
  7. im unbiased i dont even know whos in what team and coolio is right. context of the venuzeal thing matters https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_in_Venezuela https://netblocks.org/reports/twitter-and-instagram-restricted-in-venezuela-during-national-assembly-session-XB7wk1B7 https://www.cbsnews.com/news/with-massive-south-america-blackout-over-hunt-is-on-for-the-cause/ internet there was already bottom of the worlds barrel before the economy collapsed and the government started shutting down power/data. should a player whos internet gets shut down be penalized for saying he could play now, when at the time he could and 5 seconds later he couldnt? it's a judgement call and a tough one and coolio made it and gave his reasons for it. drop your bias
  8. they both failed to set a time so they both loose i like it
  9. i stand by my words naysayer. fight me m8 1v1 black forrest. your mother was a hamster and your father smells of elder berries now go away or i shall taunt you a second time smelly vagabond
  10. i mean, kami sucks he is just loud. linkens quiet and just good. the skill difference will show. loud is no substitution for skill.
  11. #thistimeirteallymeana"week" #leaveyourhashtaginthecommentsbelowlikesubandhitthebell #imnewplsjustpls
  12. remember when a psl week took a week? pepperidge farms remembers
  13. what do you feel when you have to type this out?
  14. why is doubles bold when nothing else is?
  15. edit: added link HYPE feel free to join the lobby and help commentate
  16. seems like an absurdly low number of shitpost. does this dataset have a time frame?
  17. super hype. sorry commentary kinda ignored the match but it was pretty obvious early on frags was going to win
  18. stop defining me with your prejudices
  19. stared bakemonogatari and its interesting. feels like episode one is episode 5 or something and they skipped a lot
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