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  1. "we cant fight human nature" is wrong. the "fear of other" is human nature and yet we live our lives surrounded by millions of people we dont know and it is rare to run into someone we do know randomly going about our business. violence, the fight in fight or flight is human nature. and yet few people every seriously injure or kill another human being. yes their are exceptions, but they are exceptions not the rule. and if you break down your argument it's "this thing you want is similar to this other thing with has flaws". the flaws you mentioned are "baseball has ridiculous amounts of games where you get so many losses that you cant possibly win" and "nfl draft mechanics give incentive to loose" baseball flaw can be avoided by not having 162 games in a season. nfl flaw can be avoided by not having draft picks. honestly the bigger flaw would be a large team of rich players working together to fund a team that can afford to buy literally all of the bets players. this can be countered with a team spending cap, but in the first season or two, accurately estimating what that cap should be is impossible. we need numbers first. and as for the game dying/psl dying/commuity dying argument. it is not a argument just a statement. "this is how it is" - gunthug. and while i can get behind the old guard dying out is a thing, their is a lot of new players too and its somewhat hard to get numbers unless staff wants to jump in and give us numbers. the game is definitely more fragmented these days with lots of various language mini community's, and does the sum come up to one old community? idk and you dont know either. but like, a team of jajas looking at the psl might think "too much work for the language barrier". but if they raise the money and fund a team their biligual guy can hire the jajas and talk to the host and get shit done. and maybe that team of jajas will be the next aw who will fuck us all in the ass and teach us a thing or two.
  2. every game matters and you owe it to yourself, your team mates, and your opponents to treat every game like it matters. if you dont understand and agree then you are wrong. justifying flaws with other flaws is a flawed argument. the world of sports is not perfect. the players however tend to understand point one "the spirit of competition". every game matters already, but many players share your mind set. potential solution is a potential solution and you're argument of "imo waning interest in game dont do anything" is defeatism, and sounds a lot like admitting their is actually a problem. instead of doing nothing why dont we do something? give me a better idea or get out of the way man ya know?
  3. ok but im limiting my search parameters and trying to not bring up old drama. every game matters. time to go to work more later ja na
  4. this is just this weeks matches and limited to the first half but "im not too busy to play if i care but otherwise cant be fucked" and guy just not showing up on time. not the worst of the worst by any stretch of imagination, but playoff week 1 and it i dont see the hype. also not trying to make enemies or call people out, this is a symptom not the root. what im saying is, reach for the stars, not "few activity decisions".
  5. this is based on my presumption that the root of the problems of the psl is lack of commitment. people do not care enough. my solution is to make a system that closer emulates real sports leagues run off money as money is a good incentive. in the psl you only make money if you win and i want to give people more incentive to play hard and win even if they think their team might or probably will loose. no one has fun when the contestants arent trying and giving it their all.
  6. so i have been thinking of the psl and how to make it good. i have come to the conclusion we have not got the auction and manager selection right. my solution is to change the psl manager selection and auction system to use "real" money paid for by the managers. managers will not get any money from the psl but personally pay for their team. at the end if they win the manager will get the entire pot and then pay for the various players win bonuses and such. players sign up for a auction like normal and the managers bid on players publicly on a thread for players. thinking payments in two parts, one at the beginning before it starts and one once psl ends. with obvious checks and balances written in for if a player say takes their check and runs or the manager doesnt want to pay people what they are due at the end. i think with our anti scamming rules this could work. what some of you may be asking is why? what does this do thats better? why do we need this? well it literally raises the stakes. a lot of bad behavior we have seen over the years would occur less often if that pot of gold at the end of the tunnel disappeared when they behaved badly. and managers will care a whole fucking lot when they are personally bankrolling their team and in the hole for millions unless they win that 200mil pot. and a horrible manager who cant manage a team isnt going to manage often if they are loosing a fortune every season. furthermore this solves the participation issues we have. how many teams? how many managers? let the market decide. if you as a manager feel like their are enough talented free agents that you will risk your own money on them to win it on then great. if you dont feel like you stand a chance then you arent going to make that bet. instead of artificially putting a limit on the managers or players, let as many can exist exist. what do you think?
  7. make a ban appeal https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/37-ban-appeal/
  8. if you make a psl host ranking thingy, coolio would get first or second place no? be nice or he might not do it next season
  9. who are the managers of these teams?
  10. any otherr stream worthy games ttoday?
  11. going to stream this match why not. as always im in the lobby on tj's discord feel free to jump in and commentate. edit the best player won
  12. only if you only consider ones ability to win a match and nothing else.
  13. more like "this is why its never going to happen"
  14. to clarify their is no hardware reason it could not run. however apple has a walled garden and only allows some apps through which meet their exhaustive list of requirements and pay iirc 30% of all profits to apple from the app, and it would include profits or "donations" from android, linux, windows, ect and would gladly give these numbers to Nintendo. between all the requirements and cost and risk involved its not worth making this game work on ios. even large games from large development teams have to start out on android or pass the apple tax on to users.
  15. try the monogatari series as it has a lot of the drama of death note and code, as well as the supernatural shit from everything you've seen and it has very good animation and characters.
  16. doesnt feel like the season is over really, feels like they just followed the source material and stopped when they hit a arbitrary point.
  17. read the manga enough to know what happens. do you want to know if youre right? spoilers?
  18. their is no evidence that bf himself was cheating, rather people who wanted him to win were.
  19. why am i not on the cool kids list @Xatu ? fucking gay man =/
  20. you watch syd sempai too? also their is a isekai monster girl anime where people go around and "review" the monster girls.
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