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  1. i weight music 95% animation 5% because if its shit animation i can still listen to it, but if it's shit music i cant even
  2. i watched every black clover op when making this list and you know what? none of them ar eon the list =p
  3. ok challenge accepted, its not the best op of 2019. contenders, time to turn the volume up
  4. @Goldeneyes i hear you still play pokemmo every day. starting a new dnd campaign tomorrow with some pokemmo players, you in?
  5. ghost in the shell (stand alone complex is a good start) psychopass (dark from the beginging and gets darker) darker than black shinsekai yori (very distopic and dark but it takes a few episodes to see it) fma brotherhood (it takes its time getting there but it will trust me) made in abyss (literal children going on a suicide mission) a certain scientific railgun (fuck index this is the masterpiece. girl finds out she has clones and they keep getting murdered.....) sakasama no patema (it is lit) jormugand claymore (distopia? check dark as fuck? check but it is in a fantasy setting and the ending was somemwhat forced as the manga kept going but the show didnt. that being said the fights are epic. when everyone can regenerate you have to literally tear your opponents to pieces.) jin - roh (follow a japanese super soldier fighting terrorist trying to blow themselves up. also arresting people is gay, what do you think the guns are for?)
  6. very popular airport stop. could be going literally anywhere and the plane will stop in chicago.
  7. get a deep dish from Giordano's and thank me later. its worth the hour or two wait.
  8. if you want to make a game and need a writer i *can* write and know a bit of history. could also use some money to buy more swords.
  9. you should get @Gunthug hes a better writer then me. for real no joke hes just better. also their is a reason the word harem is of arabic/muslim origin......
  10. yes and if you do it give options to play as any faction, then you arent being the bad guy, youre giving the player the option to choose. make it bad enough to get the headlines and good enough to be enjoyable. also "Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius" "Kill them. For the Lord knows those that are His own." Less formal English translations have given rise to variants such as "Kill them all; let God sort them out." not really "good guys" on any side here.
  11. if you do make sure the moes attract a lot of media attention do to something controversial that the younger generation will think is funny to get the free marketing, and be sure to make it lewd to get the cash. we may make fun of a certain person who sold noobs for shinys, but she got the shinys. go get them shekels
  12. im told ms Dracula is not in the picture and their will be nudity. one of the guys worked on Evangelion and Gurren Lagann. closer to 6x then 5x the goal has been reached.
  13. i think it start somewhere before or after the attack on poland
  14. tanya was in a alternate dimension which was similar but less evil. this is 1 for 1 up till 1930 something and Dracula, himler, ect are anime girls. and as you play through ti you can effect who wins or looses which battles and wars ect, and ofc romance himler
  15. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/devgru-p/mein-waifu-is-the-fuhrer-a-parody-visual-novel so tldr anime re imagining of ww2 where everyone is a romance-able anime girl. and before you get all hot and bothered, think about what the actual historical people portrayed would think of this, and if they would hate this so much can it be wrong?
  16. the manga got the pacing right but whoever is making this is trying to stretch it out. all the problems are with the adaptation not the source, but im not that big of a manga guy
  17. nah dropped it after a couple episodes. shows mc voice actor sucks and the pacing is the worst of any show i have ever seen
  18. title says shiny rate is fair but post only goes into whether it is possible. i *could* win the lottery but does that make it wise or fair?
  19. i am arguing that human nature can be fought and it is not a lost cause. and how is this detrimental to the player? you sign up. if a team thinks youre good enough they hire you and you get paid to play, and if your team wins you get a bonus. even if your team is likely to loose, you have more monetary incentive to win matches through two things. first is increasing rep to increase bids next seasons. second is to prevent penalty like getting reduced pay for not showing up to matches. what it is, is accurate. sounds a lot like "too big to fail" logic there. a system that incentives loosing seems like a flaw to me. and psl, nfl, ect are not perfect. few things are and improvement is a good thing. stop asking open ended questions to confuse the jury mr lawyer man. make a argument. did you just say i proved my point? wot what seems more of a barrier to entry? one person knowing english or a entire team knowing english? lets be real we arent and cant get everything in the psl translated into every language. it IS a barrier to entry and when i turn on global i see a lot less english then chinese or spanish. under my proposed system a biligual manager from say a spanish community could raise funds and hire players from his community for the psl. for them, they would have a season with manager who speaks their language and can help with translations communicating. the barrier for the manager is only money which anyone can get. and while hiring this player season one would be an advantage for this theoretical spanish manager as he knows this unknown talent, the next season everyone knows. and next season the player who does not speak english already has one psl under their belt and would theoretically be in a better position to join up understanding how this works not knowing which manager they will get. and who knows? maybe two or more managers will come out of these community we dont talk enough to and their will be competition for these new players.
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