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  1. 6 hours ago, Munya said:

    Can I play the game instead, I for some reason got compelled to play the hack games(GU at least, original series someday) and just finished up with that, CC2 has a demon slayer game coming out in 2 months.

    the animation is incredible. same people who did fate zero and they outdid themselves. i would suggest watching it to literally any and everyone regardless of taste at least to see the quality animation. they are doing 3d then going back and using traditional methods over the 3d getting the best of both worlds and it looks amazing. animation with nvidia hair works, physx, and ansel

  2. remember years ago when i was the only person against the outrage nerf when staff first started getting into tiering "lets not ban anything" and i was the only person outspoken against it? 

    feels kinda great to eventually be validated as right all along. 


    and lmafo about "maybe they fixed it since i left" i left years ago and a lot of this was a problem then.

  3. 1 minute ago, SirDusty said:

    @fredrichnietzeget any new swords?

    also have you ever thought about branching out to spears/crossbows? Possibly a trebuchet? I would rock a trebuchet in my front yard, it’s art.

    original trebuchets tended to be a one battle use with few exceptions like warwolf and i have spears but no crossbows. gun replaced military crossbows and antique examples tend to be from the 1700's(and pretty rare by then) or later and are pretty rare with a few hunting example exceptions. spears lasted longer especially in africa and asia and large pike formations were used with riflemen but in the early-mid 1700's they started to be replaced in europeon armys with rifle and bayonet and sword. the rifle bayonet was very primitive at this time by it only had to hold off Calvary charges and were used with swords. tl dr non african/asian spears are usually pre united states and kinda rare and hard to come by. with the exception of japan all the african/europeon spears are unmarked and with no models or anything else to verify them so a lot of collectors dont collect them dropping the value meaning sadly a lot rust away and arent cared for. the ones i got were cheaper then some dinners i have bought and covered inside and out with rust and no way to authenticate other then by style. 

    and havent gotten much new swords recently due to messing up some ligaments in my foot and taxes

  4. On 12/16/2020 at 12:52 AM, RealMak said:

    Thanks, I do have a photo, but my face will be revealed too, is it okay?

    post whatever you want man im not the fun police 


    also unrelated someone posted a 300~ year old German hunting sword for ID that has the pokemon "catch em all" logo engraved in german.  


  5. 21 hours ago, Zigh said:

    yo, commas exist lol

    im pulling a timothy dexter





    here ya go pepper and salt as you please


  6. heyo still alive o/


    whats everyone watching this season? 

    watching and enjoying slime, stone, rezero, mushoku tensei aka neet isekai, log horizon, and spider isekai.

    also watching last dungeon, seven deadly sins, wonder egg, and the inuyasha sequal and a bit more on the fence, but i got time fucked my Achilles at work and 2 other tendons. whats everyone else geeking out over? what gems am i missing out on? 

  7. 10 hours ago, ThinkNicer said:

    I believe the changes will come. They just take time

    in history their is always a right time and that time always has a clock ticking down. mining bit coin was a decade ago when it was worth a few dollars and a thousand in investment in hardware and electricity would bring back millions as the currency increased in value. that time is past. the "seawolf of britain" thomas cochrane also known as "el diablo" was a hero of the Napoleonic wars, the liberation of peru, chile, and brazil but not the greek independence war because his super advance fleet wasnt finished building until the war was over. even if everyone agreed the game was in a perfect state tomorrow, the game is only really spread by word of mouth. how many millions have played the game and how few would give it praise when asked "hey you played pokemmo should i?". been around 8 years now and nearly everyone i ever met or knew who played this game no longer do and the majority would answer that question with "no". i fear at this point that problem is insurmountable regardless of the state of the game. who knows what state no mans sky or battlefront 2 are in? 

  8. On 12/28/2020 at 4:48 PM, DoctorPBC said:

    Whats next? Dubs?

    yes they going to remove dubs cause your B tier kek


    but agreed this was a big fuck you to everyone who bred and played LC disappointed. the games in a state when grinding to get comps takes stupid amounts of time and a lot of people will just quit like i did rather then invest stupid amounts of time making comps. 


  9. 11 hours ago, RealMak said:

    On my birthday few days ago, I received my first sword, which is a Katana sword. It also has my symbol; the symbol of the dragon

    photos? also hi welcome to the club o/

  10. 56 minutes ago, RealLifeAngel said:

    boi, i do not even know where to begin, but i hope everything is well with yew. 


    I do, throwing knives are a lot of fun - totally should get some ;o

    start from the beginning and im doing ok and got any suggestions? i used to make kunai back in the day, but out of wood and eye bolts not steel or iron. 

  11. got a new napoleonic Calvary saber and a kukri. thinking blucher m1811 blade on an austrian m1837 mostly because its so far outside of a regulation blucher hilt, but the blade weighs a ton. thick as a pinky finger at the spine. kukris a full tang late 1800's- early 1900's british influenced design, but not military/special forces. the special forces dropped the cho to lighten it.


    anyone else getting a new pointy boi for christmas this year? 




    as a neutral third party thats a entirely plausible story. but its hard to trade on honor and character after that psl when you coached doc. your tu quoque on think invading privacy a few lines above the link to your private chat should have just been left out. answering criticism with criticism makes you look bad. when you have evidence present the evidence. when you they have no evidence argue their is no proof. when you got nothing call them a sticky poo poo and argue conspiracy's. their isnt any strong evidence just circumstantial and calling think a sticky poo sounds kinda sus not gonna lie. 


    edit carl sagan said it better then my paraphrase 

    “If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts. If the law and the facts are against you, pound the table and yell like hell”


    @think its circumstantial present the evidence and hold a vote by asking people in the psl what their vote is and only people in the psl. maybe a guilty/innocent vote then a punishment vote if voted guilty. their will be bias on both teams but it should roughly even out and hey some southeners voted to end slavery. and the other 6 shouldnt be too biased and asking individuals and keeping count tends to make people a bit more honest. if its a general vote their can be no crookedness on either side unless people go bribing, and honestly who has the money for that many votes? and honest people wont take money 




  13. On 7/13/2020 at 11:35 AM, Spaintakula said:

    What if I bring a bayonet to a sword fight, does it count?

    funny you say that, here is a link to a article about my largest sword bayonet. 

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