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  1. i can not find some old psl threads like the season 9 general thread. site://forums.pokemmo.eu into google and check every single result and nothing. if some of these old threads are hidden, can you unhide them pls? psl is sort of a reoccurring thing and we need the ability to go back and see what has been said and done in previous seasons. 

    1. fredrichnietze
    2. Munya


      There are no hidden psl 9 threads

  2. finished your lc poke

    1. fredrichnietze


      discord is the easiest place to reach me when you get ingame


  3. come on you can be fun, let me tell zek i love him no uguu

  4. "why dont you suck my big uguu uguu uguu" vorred 2018

  5. have you met parkeeeeeeeee?

    1. Bearminator


      She seems to be cute, can you, you know, link me her profile

  6. "i thought we had to post a discussion thread before we ban things" 

    this is amazing you win life

  7. going through some old files looking for a completely legally obtained copies of software when i found something interesting. XNKih43.jpg

    you sir have been cheating. my post have gone down over 3k post while yours went up. im calling foul played and calling a motion to have you disqualified as #1 poster.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. fredrichnietze


      was at over 9000 and went down to 3k


      with what i have now it would be over 15k


    3. DoubleJ


      Fred is just jelly he's not on our level. Blame the death of off topic.



    4. fredrichnietze


      what are you talking? im only not #1 poster because of the death of OT and removing trade comments. i've been robbed of my stats but my stats are still stats.

      what is dead may never die


  8. get on discord silly we have the thing you're looking for there https://discord.gg/nEXBhRz

    1. sherdoonach


      Ty bro, I'm free all weekend will join then :)

  9. "XelaKebert
    Game Master
    Posted 9 minutes ago
    How'd we forget to close this thread?"


  10. o/ welcome back 

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    2. Tritios


      bushido, thats that old-ass team isnt? sry but i think you might got the wrong guy lol cuz i was never in that team. anyway nice to see you active again. 

    3. fredrichnietze


      i think you misunderstand me. im in that old ass team and was back in 2013, dont you remember? just saying like, you're back and im back, and most of the old bushido guys came back and this is awesome and like hi

    4. Tritios


      That's what I thought at first haha, yeye I 'member. Good times

  11. o/ https://discord.gg/nEXBhRz come join discord vael. miss you

    1. Vaeldras


      i left like 1 month ago lol
      i don't even use discord but i might give it a try in the future

  12. hey cody you're request is going to go down it's against da rules these days. anywho whatchu want? i'll draw you something

    1. codylramey


      Buying n selling art is against the rules, why? Basically i want a xbox controller and ps4 controller behind podiums like they are debating. Human characteristics like faces and maybe some stick arms n legs would be nice too.

  13. worse lancer, cant even slow down a low level saber for 5 minutes.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. fredrichnietze


      the voice actor is a girl too! rumi ookubo 

    3. notmudkip0


      Well having a male VA would just give it away wouldn't it? I don't know of any trap characters that have male voices.

    4. Moetal


      Fred, did you ever realize you're the trap?

  14. 10/10 mr one true god

  15. what does the cap say?

  16. regretting selling that labcoat for 300k + a seaking?

    1. DoubleJ


      Haha. Flashbacks every day. 

    1. Noad


      Is that a goat or a lamb? :o

    2. fredrichnietze


      male goat and not sure about the gender of the cat but im pretty sure it's cat

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