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  1. pretty good representation of arisaka and bayonet too
  2. felt kinda bad after asking you to reopen shop and no request for a month so i drew you red wings dva. ai colored i suck at that and like face and people in general.
  3. made some onion, mushroom, sauage gravy to go on mashed potatoes with some queso fresco. cooked sausage then slow cooked the onions and mushrooms in the fat and some butter for a hour and added flour and garlic for a few minutes of cooking then the beef stock and a bit of milk and spices and sauces. turned out better then any gravy i have had before whish i had some donko shitake to go in this
  4. you can do whatever you want their just might be consequences like life in prison. and i currently can not walk. so theirs that makign this idea difficult along with distance and not having any good armor just chainmail
  5. spice "bark" + grease either oil or butter or animal fat + high heat. a lot of people will start in a oven safe pan get it hot pan fry one side then flip and throw it in the oven. make sure their is smoked paprika in the spice rub. also lately i have been liking using a potato peeler to get lemon rind (yellow only not the white bit) off then lightly toast in a dry pan to dry it out without burning and throwing it in a blender to make a lemon powder which goes good on fish
  6. you inspire bil to sing 2003 Britney spears songs in the shower
  7. @Ploegy just saying i havent logged in over a year i dont even remember my password but my open sig shops higher on the list yours..... im not great at goading so use your imagination
  8. bump also @Linken @Gilan if you are still alive your stuffs now colorized thanks to ai
  9. Shokei Shoujo no uguu Road is pretty interesting this season so far. basically takes the isekai genre and flips it. mc is a girl who works for a religious order of assassins who hunt down and kill isekais from japan to their world. turns out having random Japanese teenagers show up to your world with super power magical ability's is nto a good idea especially since they have no idea about your world and history and culture and someone ends to try to get them to fight for them and conqueror the world and turns out random kids from japan given power in a new world tend to not make good decision and go a bit crazy. assassin mc has to kill this girl whos power is to reverse time so she dies and comes back to life so mc is hanging out with her trying to prevent her from wiping out the universe while trying to find out how to kill her while japanese girl is having fun on her adventure with her new bestie. they can still fuck up the execution (kek) but the premise is gold. Yuusha, Yamemasu sorta realist hero but he started out working for the "good guys" to defeat the demon army only to find out the good guys are asshole racist and join the demon army he destroyed and try to fix it up. feels a little bit woke everyone in the "good guy camps" are all the same ethnicity and racist and hates poeple who are different while the demon lords army is "evil" because..........they have a lot of different races? beastfolk, demons, elfs, humans, ect ect sorta bit of everything fantasy. interesting concept much less sure they are going to do it well but so far its ok bit slow so far trying to figure out and rebuild the administration and logistics and such of the demon army.
  10. trailer and by japans standards it was always a anime. you ask for peoples favorite animes in japan dont be surprised when you start hearing Disney movies.
  11. especially if your a casual kimetsu no yaibi/demon slayer is getting crazy popular especially in japan. second season just ended https://myanimelist.net/anime/38000/Kimetsu_no_Yaiba also the mushoku tensei second season just ended and its pretty popular but controversial similar to goblin slayer. https://myanimelist.net/anime/39535/Mushoku_Tensei__Isekai_Ittara_Honki_Dasu this is one of the early fights
  12. @Gunthug its simple i just make "psl lab" no caps totally different and collect donations for a event i'll never run and all off a sudden when people are pm'ing them asking wtf is wrong with them they'll get it. but lets be honest its not a matter of "i dont get it" its a "i dont care imma do what i want fuck you" kek forgot how to spoiler for the non english native speakers who dont understand english all that well im not ACTUALLY going to defraud people its a literary tool in getting a point across.
  13. i think there is some misunderstanding here. if i take a photo it s copywrited to me the second i click that button. registering it gives me additional protections and the ability to sue for more $. if a person or persons create psl they have copy write with or without registering if it is copywrite protectable (it is) and if they give permissions to a person/s to use that name thats fine but if they dont the right to control copying exist and belongs to the rights holder. its not community owned ip unless its explicitly made so by the rights holder/s. heres a FAQ https://www.copyright.gov/help/faq/faq-general.html#what you can argue all day elements of the psl are not protectable under scenes a faire but the name itself is open and shut case. tl;dr is yes using psl without permission is in the wrong legally speaking no gray area but its a pokemon game who the fuck is going to sue over this? regardless dont be a uguu just because its not worth suing over and you can probably "get away with it" legally speaking and you used the word we this is aimed at whoever is running this idk and idc
  14. we did this already it was easy option A remove tapping ability's from game option B keep the abilitys ban them all to uber option C keep them in various tiers and balance on a individual basis. its arguably support uber you cant play around revenge kills you cant just not kill anything ever but its usually just poking holes so something else can sweep not quite the offensive uber. honestly its less about balance and more about what you want the competitive scene to be so just take vote. require a certain amount of competitive play to show you are not a alt/fake account/bot/whatever and actually play the game unlike me kek. its not impossible to grind enoguh to qualify on more then one account and use vpns to try to hide ip and shit but its a whole lot of work to get a few extra votes at most the few crazy jobless fanatics willing to do so will probably cancel out and then you vote option a b or c. we did option A back in the day i think i would vote that but i dont even remember my password kek good luck
  15. 2021 sucked but i got some Congolese ngulu one of which i gave to a historian family member. super obscure execution tool/royal scepter used by chieftains in the congo back in the day https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ngulu_(weapon)
  16. then i'll recommended it. mushoku is the grandfather of isekai those tropes exist for a reason in mushoku it isnt following the others it created the tropes. there are a lot of parts that are or may make you uncomfortable but if done right thats not a bad thing. watching the boy in the sriped pajamas, american psycho, or most horror movies will make you uncomfortable and this is intentional as a way to start conversations, talk about things society doesnt like to talk about, and get you to feel. japanese people do not want to talk about hikikomoris, lolicons, neets, and the lewdness in some parts of society do to porn and the internet but now we are talking and so are many others. and ocne you start feeling emotion for a show it is much easier to feel other emotions and get invested, thats a big part of why horror movies work. you feel the fear them empathize with the characters who feel the same. we at what one post a week on avg?
  17. @Diano everything i look at trying to figure what 86 is is generic and not very informative. whats good about it? what do you enjoy? whats its about?
  18. the animation is incredible. same people who did fate zero and they outdid themselves. i would suggest watching it to literally any and everyone regardless of taste at least to see the quality animation. they are doing 3d then going back and using traditional methods over the 3d getting the best of both worlds and it looks amazing. animation with nvidia hair works, physx, and ansel
  19. check out demon slayer the movie outsold literally everything ever in japan and was the top selling movie of 2020 world wide for good reason its great. https://myanimelist.net/anime/38000/Kimetsu_no_Yaiba
  20. kek we already had marelyrose also watched vivy and fumetsu which were more emlees type of anime but still pretty good. https://myanimelist.net/anime/46095/Vivy__Fluorite_Eyes_Song https://myanimelist.net/anime/41025/Fumetsu_no_Anata_e
  21. lies i have seen every episode. also hi. also also kumo desu ga and vivy fluorite are really good.
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