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  1. if they raise the dead form the crypt i'll be pissed. the whole idea of the crypt is "put them in a stone tomb they cant get out of" just for this reason
  2. naaaaah they have to make you remember how much you love these charecters and spend time with them before they kill them. remember these characters were played by real people who played them for 8 years and many want a final scene of dialogue before marching to their death. after 8 years thats a rather hard thing to cut for time.
  3. maybe its just me but i like you and i forgave you for coaching scandal, but after that i really dont think you should be touching psl with a ten foot stick as manager/host/council ever again.
  4. i approve. also start date? also also get online i want to donate and every mail is money that could be in the pot
  5. "i won the lottery with my first ticket whats wrong with you poor people" https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/anecdotal
  6. this has been alleged but i think we can all agree craigs a better doctor then pbc
  7. not a lot to go on but i'll give you a shot in the dark. aldnoah zero for mecha space opera one punch for action comedy shinsekai yori for mystery drama horror romance action thingy full metal alchemist brotherhood for drama action mystery with some romance jojo's bizarre adventure this is difficult to describe but its amazing and one of the few anime that made its way into my d&d games violet evergarden for drama romance bit of action and insane animation ghost in the shell stand alone complex. imagine a secret police show set waaaaaay in the future where everyone is a cyborg and then watch it and find out its better then anything you ever could imagine. its ok but not amazing
  8. was struggling through and then dropped sirius and watching the trailers it looks very similar but with the bad guys being demons instead of vampires. literally every scene in the trailer was in sirius. what makes kimetsu no yaiba good? what makes it different? what is the appeal?
  9. finished your lc poke

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      discord is the easiest place to reach me when you get ingame


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