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  1. @Darkshade what does the new vanitys look like? cost? are they all seasonal or any limited time?
  2. When sending mail, the person receiving the letter must now have been online within the past month as someone who checks the forums daily but logs in rarely this makes me sad.
  3. so what your telling me is, their is no clear definition of the job and it pays? sounds like easy money
  4. what is your definition of "friend" and what does this pay?
  5. this is my favorite daryl quote of the year
  6. "no information for now" is not a no, so much as a "we cant tell you yet".
  7. alt runs were seen as a sign of a flawed game. for a while things could only be gotten form alt runs and when those things were implemented the balance should e "its easier to get them without alt running". rather then doing that they made alt runs progressively harder to do and less profitable. what you want to do or how you want to do it doesnt factor in the decision. appearance of balance>>>>>>>balance
  8. idk why but stopped getting notifications on this thread and thought you just werent posting rip
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