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  1. @DoctorPBC as a neutral third party thats a entirely plausible story. but its hard to trade on honor and character after that psl when you coached doc. your tu quoque on think invading privacy a few lines above the link to your private chat should have just been left out. answering criticism with criticism makes you look bad. when you have evidence present the evidence. when you they have no evidence argue their is no proof. when you got nothing call them a sticky poo poo and argue conspiracy's. their isnt any strong evidence just circumstantial and calling think a sticky poo sounds kinda sus not gonna lie. edit carl sagan said it better then my paraphrase “If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts. If the law and the facts are against you, pound the table and yell like hell” @think its circumstantial present the evidence and hold a vote by asking people in the psl what their vote is and only people in the psl. maybe a guilty/innocent vote then a punishment vote if voted guilty. their will be bias on both teams but it should roughly even out and hey some southeners voted to end slavery. and the other 6 shouldnt be too biased and asking individuals and keeping count tends to make people a bit more honest. if its a general vote their can be no crookedness on either side unless people go bribing, and honestly who has the money for that many votes? and honest people wont take money
  2. @dustybunny here are the new pointy bois https://imgur.com/gallery/CoNhltu https://imgur.com/gallery/7V9dpGJ https://imgur.com/gallery/2Bnsuee https://imgur.com/gallery/q3S8qTi
  3. will give it a try was on the fence. bit tired of "anime in highschool" you could always just drop it
  4. so polls dead https://imgur.com/a/FtaVThI also once upon a time think was host and got banned with the prize money for rmt. maybe pachi should hold the moniez. also think showdown tiers good #docisbad also also not participating other then logging on and grinding donations, but hey that makes me unbiased right?
  5. also got a pesh kabz https://imgur.com/gallery/b2vLDCF
  6. funny you say that, here is a link to a article about my largest sword bayonet.
  7. made another rack bought some more swords this is the new favorite https://imgur.com/gallery/kmmmWnw
  8. yes it's cheap fairly durable long term and metal on metal can have bad reactions and scratch things. thats why you cant mix metals in watercooling. the water and electricity speed up the process, but with antique swords a process that could take decades is still a problem, because you want it to last forever. all the metal here is rubber coated except the steel bolts and they are not a concern.
  9. knives are welcome too, just dont bring a knife to a sword fight doko ni desu ka
  10. was talking to the amazing @RysPicz and he was all "you collect swords?" and so i was going to pm him all the pics then thought, wait what if others of my kind are here? so here ya go post your pics and talk swords /thread i need to make more sword racks, thoughts on H vs V rack? and yea need to do a bit of cleaning on several of these. most notably the dark tulwar, and some of the jiles.
  11. here because gb told me he found a massive zebra post that was perfect and flawless. he was right good write up zeb.
  12. @Darkshade what does the new vanitys look like? cost? are they all seasonal or any limited time?
  13. When sending mail, the person receiving the letter must now have been online within the past month as someone who checks the forums daily but logs in rarely this makes me sad.
  14. so what your telling me is, their is no clear definition of the job and it pays? sounds like easy money
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