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  1. Kyu done snapped with this one

    i grok just about everything their is in pokemmo but after quickly glancing over breeding mechanics, i said fuck it im just going to buy them. i could probably figure it out if i tried, but unless you shiny hunt, you only need a very few berrys for comp and none for anything else, so i just buy them. why spend all that time learning something new and complicated when spending literally 5 minutes grinding can buy me all the berrys i need for the next couple months. it's a waste of my time to deal with it.
  2. oh look the blame and sidoni guys arent bankrupt yet. also arent you banned? welcome back? third times the charm?
  3. well this winter we're getting a new fate, overlord 2, seven deadly sins, and maybe the robot girl anime which might start in 2017 so over all pretty good year
  4. yes. its good, one of my favorites this year.
  5. i blaim the lead in my city water
  6. it's not really slice of life. whos normal life includes magic, fairys, and leshens?
  7. boruto im waiting on for the manga to be available in my country. i assume its full of filler? droped dies irae and black clover you were right about clover keeping up with inuyashiki junni taisen is on my too do list and im going to binge it soon fates also on the list im witing for netflix to get the second half i finished the first and its disappointing =/ also watching shoujo shuumatsu ryokou and its pretty good. cute girls do cute things meets the end of the world fallout style. last episode i saw they had to blow up a giant robot. also been watching mahoutsukai no yome and its good.
  8. going through some old files looking for a completely legally obtained copies of software when i found something interesting. XNKih43.jpg

    you sir have been cheating. my post have gone down over 3k post while yours went up. im calling foul played and calling a motion to have you disqualified as #1 poster.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. fredrichnietze


      was at over 9000 and went down to 3k


      with what i have now it would be over 15k


    3. DoubleJ


      Fred is just jelly he's not on our level. Blame the death of off topic.



    4. fredrichnietze


      what are you talking? im only not #1 poster because of the death of OT and removing trade comments. i've been robbed of my stats but my stats are still stats.

      what is dead may never die


  9. [Sig] [Art] Plat's Art Palace

    get on discord i have a copy of cs 2 somewhere i can give you edit its the .exe version and i dont mac, does that work for you? or can you download the mac version and i give you the key?
  10. Introduction to Competitive Double Battles

    im confused am i somehow not giving the impression i wanna fight m8? lets fight for real 1v1 blind yugioh m8 serious as seaseme street.
  11. get on discord silly we have the thing you're looking for there https://discord.gg/nEXBhRz

    1. sherdoonach


      Ty bro, I'm free all weekend will join then :)

  12. Introduction to Competitive Double Battles

    fine praise be orange hallowed is his name. first son and heir to the orange throne of oranges may he rule long and prosper.
  13. ^title seems pretty self explanatory. if you're a newish player just waiting to unleash your 1000 suggestions without bother to check if any of these have been done before, this sort of thing will force the player to stop and think about what suggestions are actually valuable and limit themselves. maybe even learn how to search before they release thousands of post spamming up suggestion box. and who here has actually had 2 actually good suggestions that were posted in the same day and implemented? in the event you have two, why not wait a day and think over it before posting the second? and if you have a thousand, lol k.
  14. Introduction to Competitive Double Battles

    you cant sketch metronome right last time i checked. auto fails

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