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  1. fredrichnietze

    [Nerd] - Home of the like-minded

    so like build a pc or pcmr or whatever? or is this like a legit proper team?
  2. i like the characters and i understand a lot of the issues stem from the anime producers going off script and generally failing to tell the story right. plan on reading the manga later so i dont spoil the anime, but thats not to say the anime on its own cant hold water. its no masterpiece with wide sections of the story just left out and tons of problems, but on the strength of season one alone its a good show. and the seasons after that while confusing are at least interesting and answer some of the questions you've been asking like "whats with the weirdo who wants to eat kaneki?" "whos the white haired guy in the coffee shop who is just there?" "why the fuck is a extermination war the solution when you have literally hundreds of thousands die a day and ghouls can eat corpses?" a lot of these questions get others get answered by the later seasons and its worth watching but not like 10/10. better then index which people only watch because of railgun
  3. theirs pros and cons to slowing down the violence in a game or anime. people who are used to non stop action will find it slow and they might not give it a chance as a result, but the build up to the fights make them all the more potent. this is different and people used to naruto and bleach might find it a bit boring, but they might also like it. it's not for everyone but that doenst make it bad.
  4. fredrichnietze

    Lord of PU ~ LØRÐ Anniversary

    found you a better gif for op
  5. fredrichnietze

    [PSL] State of the PSL Address

    jj im confused pls elaborate
  6. fredrichnietze

    [PSL] State of the PSL Address

    i mean https://www.strawpoll.me/16838856 numbers are in
  7. fredrichnietze

    [PSL X] Week Seven

  8. fredrichnietze

    [PSL X] Week Seven

  9. fredrichnietze

    Feebas Hunting, Finder is Rewarded

    so i see an assumption here that pokemmo has "feebas tiles" and not a static chance that is the same for every tile. pokemmo does a lot of weird thigns under the hood different from pokemon, and the adms are very squirrly about giving away knowledge of what goes on under the hood like shiny rates, "nyi bans", and bug info. what makes you think thats how pokemmo works? https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/37-ban-appeal/
  10. fredrichnietze

    [PSL X] Week Seven

    this was made by archinix and i've had it on for 3? 4? years
  11. fredrichnietze

    [PSL X] Week Seven

    oh no i pissed off kami? pls elaborate hey free money gimme some of that and i'll give you a better pic
  12. fredrichnietze

    Clickable Links

    how to get malware for 200$?
  13. fredrichnietze

    [PSL X] Week Seven

    yes and it's triggering me making think of the 100 year war, Napoleonic wars, ww1, ww2, Charlemagne, ect.

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