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  1. fine rating you 1/5 stars get fucked kiddo
  2. you're such a saint 4f. also images are broken for me.
  3. fredrichnietze

    [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    in bed
  4. fredrichnietze

    OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    i have a wobbu you can borrow
  5. in real life this is market manipulation and anti trust. this is a game and i rather not have staff messing around with the market trying to grasp the idea of market manipulation and what is and isnt market manipulation and passing out bans. we saw how that worked with match manipulation. riga spent a LOT of money trying to do this with berrys and he failed, because someone would always go out and make more berrys then undersell him. in a free market this will regulate itself unless someone can get majority control over something, which is rather hard in a video game.
  6. shinsekai yori is very confusing give it a few episodes. it is very good at giving you a strong sense of dread you can not explain.
  7. try anohana, no game no life the movie, shinsekai yori, angel beats, grave of the fireflies, agame ga kill, beserk, and SAO
  8. fredrichnietze

    [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    my bad i messed with my monitors colors to see people in csgo and pubg better
  9. fredrichnietze

    [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    i think im going to need a bil pic
  10. fredrichnietze

    [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    white hair and red eyes come form you?

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