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  1. Lower Braces price in BF

    ok but devaluing the brace is the literal point of this. you say that like its a bad thing but give no argument for your position. make a argument.
  2. Dex completion reward. Give us SOMETHING

    for 1-2%, exactly.
  3. Dex completion reward. Give us SOMETHING

    the point of this thread is to give it meaning ok so hundreds of hours of work to get your dex filled, so what 1-2% would do it? maybe 5% tops? it would increase the amount of shinys but not as much as a update where people no life the game for a month. and its something where you cant bot it because no bot can actually get through hundreds of hours of content without being caught and banned. tl;dr i think you are over stating the effect ti would have. its not the same as blanket changing the shiny chance for everyone.
  4. Match Fixing

    im just going to point out that we dont *know* how this went down. maybe they saw frags and said "ah shit i dont stand a chance" and played pubg instead? or maybe they had things to do. i have gotten byes in tourneys from strangers, and while it sure appears fishy we have no evidence of match manipulation. it's all just circumstantial. and like, do you really want to witch hunt a guy over circumstantial evidence?
  5. What Gamefreak can do?

    nope im not mayor ask @Bestfriends its his choice if and when to allow a reelection
  6. Dex completion reward. Give us SOMETHING

    so it's bad because you said so but you arent going to give a reason or make a argument and we should just trust you and go with it?
  7. Dex completion reward. Give us SOMETHING

    i like the increase in shiny chance. it will take a whole lot of work, and its something that is obtainable that will make shiny hunting a lot more viable. sure you have to put hundreds of hours into completing the dex but the possibility of saving a lot of time grinding wild encounters or eggs makes it worth it and makes it less dull then grinding away for months or years.
  8. What Gamefreak can do?

    its like xatu and bestfriends had a baby
  9. Doubles Tier Discussion Request Thread

    it's tier'ing policy to ban the pokemon not the move/complex ban unless the move/comb/whatever is on multiple pokemon who are all uber with it. your suggestion goes against policy for what reason? oh right none. thats why im calling you a noob, you dont know the rules. and to clarify "because this way amoongus doesnt get banned" is favoritism and against policy. safeguard does stop amoongus sleep for 5 turns. amoongus is slow and without trick room you can reliably get off safeguard. but are you running safeguard JUST for amoongus? is it only viable because of amoongus? is this centralizing? maybe. safeguard + swagger is decent in doubles if you can get it off. also safeguard is temporary and being able to reliably switch in a pull it off isnt something most pokemon can do.having to switch the same pokemon in every 4 turns and safeguard turn 5 is fairly predictable and if your opponent just uses this opportunity to kill the safeguard pokemon, you bought a few turns of no sleep at the cost of one of your party members. and if you dont act in this fairly predictable manor amoongus can switch in and now you have to risk your safeguard poke getting put to sleep unless it has insombia or vital spirit. hypno is the only one bulky enough to pull this off and hes not exactly viable right now with so many dark and ghost types running around with his mediocre base stats. tl;dr safeguard pokes have to proactivly set up and keep up safeguard at all times to deal with amoongus lest they fall alseep and this usually result in taking a lot of damage and not a lot of pokemon can pull it off regularly.
  10. Doubles Tier Discussion Request Thread

    you're arguments are flawed. scarf breloom is not even viable. just because it gets spore does not make it amoongus. and your basing your "only possible" conclusion on this flawed premise. also gb if you removed spore form the game it would also not be op. if you changed his hp to 10 it wouldnt even be viable. just because something is A solution does not make it the right solution. and dont bring in non viable pokemon into this, you're getting as bad as the nubs.
  11. [Art] [Avatar] [Sig] [Shop] bimps draws

    ok a synth in a trenchcoat fighting a dragon with a screw driver
  12. [Art] [Avatar] [Sig] [Shop] bimps draws

    holy shit bimps i love you and welcome back and thankyou for the unban noad. i would be happy with literally anything bimps, i've always wanted something by you
  13. [PSL9] Week Three

    i dont beleive
  14. do they get paid thou? i have a lot of work coming up no promises

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