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  1. idk why but stopped getting notifications on this thread and thought you just werent posting rip
  2. for the record i knew long term desu would be worth more over time and i dont give a shit about "values" i just want porygon its my favorite.
  3. martillo de baneo translate to ban hammer, but he didnt provide a english translation so youre in the clear to ban him
  4. desus lab coat + colored desu lab coat are at the top of the list. also ludicolo hat, santa suit, goku hair, tower of hats, kyu hat, and ofc masterball
  5. i weight music 95% animation 5% because if its shit animation i can still listen to it, but if it's shit music i cant even
  6. i watched every black clover op when making this list and you know what? none of them ar eon the list =p
  7. ok challenge accepted, its not the best op of 2019. contenders, time to turn the volume up
  8. @Goldeneyes i hear you still play pokemmo every day. starting a new dnd campaign tomorrow with some pokemmo players, you in?
  9. ghost in the shell (stand alone complex is a good start) psychopass (dark from the beginging and gets darker) darker than black shinsekai yori (very distopic and dark but it takes a few episodes to see it) fma brotherhood (it takes its time getting there but it will trust me) made in abyss (literal children going on a suicide mission) a certain scientific railgun (fuck index this is the masterpiece. girl finds out she has clones and they keep getting murdered.....) sakasama no patema (it is lit) jormugand claymore (distopia? check dark as fuck? check but it is in a fantasy setting and the ending was somemwhat forced as the manga kept going but the show didnt. that being said the fights are epic. when everyone can regenerate you have to literally tear your opponents to pieces.) jin - roh (follow a japanese super soldier fighting terrorist trying to blow themselves up. also arresting people is gay, what do you think the guns are for?)
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