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  1. Johto will be the next region we get but it could still be a long time before they actually release it. Johto is my favorite region as well so it will be a lot of fun when it finally comes out.
  2. Negumiko

    Hair style

    in the cash shop in the miscellaneous tab there are two items that will let you change your character's base appearance:
  3. we have already seen npc characters in both Sinnoh and Unova with umbrellas. maybe add umbrellas to the gloves tab since it is something our characters would use their hands to hold.
  4. I want Johto cause it is a beautiful region. plus we would get pokeball crafting, pokegear, and new legendary pokemon.
  5. while I agree we should have the HeartGold Johto version first it would still be cool to play the older versions of the regions. they could cool customization options to make our characters look like they are from the 1999 Pokemon games. entering and exiting the older versions of the regions could be done by talking to a old person near the ship telling you about their old trainer days. we could catch the older versions of the Pokemon and take them back with us when we leave.
  6. it probably wouldn't be possible cause the game requires roms to work and Pokemmo would likely have to have the roms somewhere on their site to make it playable in a browser. that could cause a lot of legal issues and is not really a option worth the risk. Pokemmo stays online cause all the content they create is legal and 100% their work, it is up to the players to figure out how to get the roms to play which protects the Pokemmo team.
  7. when we beat the Elite 4 of the region we are in let players warp directly in front of the gym leader by clicking on their badge on our character card. it could even charge a small fee to use that would still be lower then how much you would make if you win the gym battle. this way players can choose to sacrifice a small amount of their winnings for more time saving convenience. however the more times you lose the gym battle and don't get payed the more times you have to pay to get their quickly losing potential profit for the day so it is not overly easy.
  8. so if someone becomes a champion on this King of the Hill/KotH channel will they be able to sell propane and propane accessories?
  9. Johto is the last DS region to implement. please release this region next, it is one of the best regions in the Pokemon game series. releasing Johto would add more story, pokeball crafting, and pokegear (it would be pretty cool having the radio feature of the pokegear so we pick what game music we want to listen to in certain areas).
  10. you have to play it a lot before you start getting enough big wins to get some of the cool prizes. what you should ask yourself is "is it worth investing my time into," cause time is the biggest resource it consumes. it took me about 2 hours of playing the slot machine to finally get enough big wins to get a Team Rocket Uniform. so if you think the prizes are worth getting go for it. although it would be nice if they added the Roulette Wheel mini game at the Mauville game corner in Hoenn region as well.
  11. they could just add Johto and leave Kanto region out. although it is a future version of Kanto that takes place after gen 1 so putting it in could make some sense. lots of Pokemmo players started their journey in Kanto first then went on to the other 3 regions. future Kanto could like additional story to see Kanto with better graphics after being gone a while. Pokemmo could probably add a short story bit of their own where we get robbed or lose our Kanto badges somehow giving a reason to travel to the future Kanto region gyms. Johto itself is more then just the Pokemon. it is one of the most beautiful regions out there plus it might be cool to see things like pokeball crafting and the pokegear. besides other then adding new dungeons and events there really isn't very much the team can actually add anymore. sooner or later some players will get bored of just new events and dungeons and want new story so it would be a bad decision to permanently leave Johto out.
  12. the release date of Temtem was known for quite a while before the release so no I don't think it is a coincidence. Sinnoh region literally came out on the exact same day as Temtem, Pokemmo has to stay competitive somehow and find a way to keep players hooked. I don't think it was a bad decision but this is no coincidence either. still plan to play both games anyway though.
  13. we need disguises like this: https://www.supercheats.com/guides/files/guid/pokemon-emerald/P25D-ninja.jpg possibly released as costume items. only real ninjas can see it.
  14. it is a little annoying to get used to but it does make things more challenging. luckily I beat Kanto and Hoenn before this lvl cap existed. after you beat one of the Elite 4 groups with a team of lvl 56 pokemon just save that team in a box at that lvl until we get a new region and Elite 4 and that way at least you might save some training time.
  15. it is basically like playing through the story of some of the best old Pokemon games but without having to start all over each time. all the regions are connected, easier to play with friends, trainer customization and so much more. some players are from the days where you used to struggle to get a cable to work for 20 minutes just to trade and battle with friends and looking back on it a Pokemon mmo makes a lot of sense. Pokemon is the kind of game that should be a mmo but should still have that classic play style feeling to it. Pokemmo does that perfectly and once the mobile version is working it may be the death of Pokemon Go as that game failed cause they didn't use the classic combat system so many trainers have used and enjoyed for years.
  16. why do trainer cards only display the badges we have earned in 1 region? it would be nice to see all the badges we have earned no matter what region we are in and allow players to see other players trainer cards as well to provide more information about how much they have played through which may help players decide who they want to pvp more easily.
  17. there are a few ways around that though. could next edit the map slightly and put both cities directly next to each other or pick one of the cities to enter and have a mirror or some item that in the city that leads to the other city almost like a different dimension kind of thing. either option would probably require players to have both roms though.
  18. Exactly, there are some ancient players here that like the story from some of the older Pokemon games. Gold and Silver version coming out back in my day was a really big deal. Sinnoh region is very important and yes it should probably be released next since it would have more to offer but Johto region does have value as well. It shouldn't be to much effort to implement. Johto region is a extremely fun region with a far better story then Unova, it should still be part of the game but I feel like it should have came later. we should have as many regions as possible and story content may be fairly short but it is still important. There is more to a Pokemon game then just the Pokemon. It feels like Johto region is getting the bad end of the deal here. Sorry but it sounds a bit cruel if a game is gutted just it's Pokemon and some slightly improved graphics and then just tell the game the rest of it's content is meaningless. Most of us still have the Heart Gold or Soul Silver rom sitting in our roms folder before Hoenn region was even implemented and some players may still be waiting for Johto. Good Reasons to Release Johto: - Story Content - A New Day Care for Breeding (we would get this with any new region we get but serious Pokemon breeders would probably like as many Day Care areas as possible) - The Legendary Pokemon from Johto - Pokeball Crafting using Berries (sure we can buy most types of Pokeballs but some players may want to craft them to save money instead) - Adding PokeGear System (the team could do lots of things to remake or add this system in a cool way like making the phone system into a more useful private chat system that is easier to keep track of and Pokemon radio.) - Returning to a G4 version of Kanto region (After beating the Johto Elite 4 players can go to Kanto region at some point. This would allow players to experience Kanto in G4 detail.)
  19. The S.S. Cactus has been cleaned up and repaired. It is the wrecked ship in Hoenn region. All the holes in the floor and all the broken doors have been fixed up. So here is the new S.S. Cactus look: The entire ship has been redone to make it look new again. No movement positions were changed. It will simply make the S.S. Cactus look better. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/r7e9mtozri74t79/Ship+Wreck+Patch.ips
  20. Great idea! I would likely upgrade to donator status if it increased npc payouts.
  21. We just need the fence removed. Adding a bridge would look nice but the trainer on the other side would have to be removed to keep the game balanced. Money is harder to get now and most players don't want to waste all their money on repels. The pokemmo economy is unbalanced. I don't see it getting better until a new region is added.
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