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  1. Green skar no doubt
  2. back from macau, top
  3. Thought you want both shiny and comp of them lol, srsly ign: samuellyw
  4. I wish i had both shinys you mentioned above
  5. Zard is shit lol you noob
  6. sold purple spider, fuark yeah i got yen finally!
  7. Looks shit, 10/10 release
  8. You make sig dude? Nvm actually, am 2dead
  9. Coz you know broke guy like me would need that 200m so badly , pls fund :0) edit: to those who thought i was hater for that omanyte deal, i never hate rich ppl coz you know you cant beat those keyboard fighters with endless pokeyen outta no where
  10. how you gonna use that huge poke yen mr cute?
  11. noobs are much luckier afaik
  12. sold already?
  13. You gotta be kidding me
  14. Would be da best mate to pair up with my fly poke no doubt