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  1. Team Name: läva Team Tag: läva Registered Players: KaynineXL, Lactosoid, PoseidonWrath, Kamowanthere, Kriliin, Wallarro, Baneadito, Getovaherez, zKuroko, ILatios, Mansterix, Endiii, ChronoRike, Edwardinho, GodXebec, Crahistu, KokenoCastro, Edwardinho, MallyJU, TezCR Team Captain: Wallarro #ban Wrath
  2. IGN: Wallarro (Old nick: Thenavarro, I have a tournament won with that nick and several finals) Motivation: I want to win and why not try to apply as a manager, maybe it won't be left because I don't have previous experience in psl, but if I stay, I will do everything possible for my team to win or make a very respectable performance. I do not know how the selection works but if I remain a tie with any wish that they discard me, it would not be fair for someone without experience to have an advantage PSL seasons in which you participated as a player: 0 PSL seasons in which you participated as a manager: 0
  3. IGN: Wallarro Time Zone: UTC -5 Tier: OU UU NU Fluff: It is my first psl and I want to play, I offer to give my best, I also offer my friendship :3 #WrathBan
  4. Why hide when every MMO already knows the name of the famous character xDxD
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