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  1. I heard you miss me.

  2. Plewgee is a nub pass it on.

  3. I saw you lerkin on my page

    1. PinkWings


      i dont believe you

  4. I'll change mine when I'm actually at a computer. Mind pm it to me?
  5. The fuck is an uguu? Make me a fuckin dope sig brah. All grizzed out.
  6. who gives a fuck? just play, and if you win - cool. lose? cool.
  7. huehue, only if you're the bottom, and alpha can join. it's only gay if the balls touch, right?
  8. Sure. Can't edit on phone, so DP.
  9. It's nickname because of how I look.
  10. I have that too! I heard there's no cure.
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