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  1. Sorry to bother you but I get this poster and I do not understand why if I did nothing inappropriate



  2. R.I.P. you & Kudasai

  3. i want be moderator

  4. Good afternoon Hisagi.


    Today i tray to play Pokemmo and i have a BAN for "Trade for real Money".


    I dont know that was a cause for a Ban, one person offered me real money and i say to him "i check the possibility". But im not trade with nobody for real money, i really dont know that was a cause for a BAN. I dont sell for real money never, im not interested, only one person offered me but we dont negociate. Im not posting on pokemmo for real money NEVER.


    Now i know about that its ok, never more i accept an offer for real money.


    I only want to play because i like pokemmo.


    Sorry about my english, im Uruguaian and i speak spanish.


    Tky very much.


    Juan Ramón Lluviera.

  5. So, you're a fabulous cow now? Where did we go wrong T_T (srsly mate...)

  6. Please, help me Hisagi! My account is "Dufontinelle" look : https://imgur.com/zo2I8Be

    1. DFBird


      Sorry, brother did it solve your problem? , Have a similar and I am devastated

  7. Hello Hisagi

  8. Thank you for all of what you have done to make this server possible and hats tipped to you sir~ birdwatcher1 (in game name: Bestfriends)

  9. [img]http://oi51.tinypic.com/fz57gw.jpg[/img]
  10. Your so mysterious, no one would ever know you were here :3 Found you

  11. love the avatar you chose to use [and name]

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