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  2. SO i have no idea why you can't send me a message, ill talk to a CM later, but im adding u to the tourney


  4. lol saw this guy during e4 just sat there laughing cuz he could jump
  5.   lol i never said i that i was un-appreciative i just meant to say or u must have misread i said the way other ppl talk and say thing on here sounds like they r doing it for the funnys      look lol ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ im not trying to be mean i was being nicer then the rest of the other ppl
  6. XD i feel as if u guys r just doing this to see his funny drawings (no offense)  cuz i really like the time and effort he puts into there can u do one for me? pokemon: 9tales, shiny sharpedo, and shiny flygon please words: [HUGZ] XxJessicaJungxX  words: Everyone needs a hug
  7. im bored someone give tell me a good moveset for sneasel and sharpedo

    1. fredrichnietze


      EQ/ancient power/surf or hydro pump/crunch or double edge or return for sharky

      BB/SD/return/shadow ball for sneasel

  8. that is like a 7.5/10  dont scare children like that Rilleh
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