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  1. more bacon that last time

  2. More bacon than meets the eye.

  3. more bacon than there are decimals in pi

  4. Infinity bacon and beyond.

  5. Far more bacon than all previous posts combined.

  6. Even more bacon than the last post.

  7. So much bacon that you would not believe it.

  8. Even more bacon.

  9. I am just waiting to get a chance to register for PokeMMO and felt that having a intro will...well... it will not hurt, so here it is! I would change my photo but i like the current one too much. :D I Also have a YouTube channel www.youtube.com/minyboy5 where i do LP's and parody's series. So if you want to chat with me there PM me. I hope to become the very best, like no one ever was, or die trying!
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