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  1. The Master of Masters event will be a standard Tournament Mode Swiss tournament. Tyranitar and Dragonite will be allowed.
  2. It will come after the three tournaments for their respective metas are complete.
  3. Explanation: Welcome one and all to the Masters Invitational Finale! All year, PokeMMO's top competitors have battled it out for a place in this tournament for one reason: to show they are the best of the best. I would like to give a very big congratulations to all who have qualified for this event. I feel it is a great honor to be hosting such a tournament. With that being said, let's get into the details.. This will be a Swiss tournament. For an explanation on Swiss tournaments, refer to the to spoiler below: [spoiler]A Swiss tournament tends to pair opponents based on skill level and record. For example - Round 1 A def B C def D Since A and C both won the first round, they would be paired up for the 2nd round Round 2 B def D C def A The winner is then determined by the best record and number of points. An example scoring system would be below. 2 points for a win 0 points for a loss 1 point for draw[/spoiler] Date & Time: Date: Friday, January 17 Time: 6:00 PM EST | 3:00 PM PST | 11:00 PM GMT Location: Silph Co. Channel 7 Details: 6v6 singles (OU) Tournament Mode Level 50 12 contenders Swiss Tournament 5 rounds Registered Invite Holders: Fujimura AbelV CorEd eggroll ThinkNice dormycom KingBowser Kemaric Registered Reserves: Jeehad Unreal yWreck Frags Winterbrah codylramey CoIIector JSTUD zteban Clauses: Sleep/1HKO/Pristine/Species/Hax Item/Evasion/Self-KO/Bag Items List of clauses Modified Time Clause: Since a new round cannot begin until all matches in the previous round are over, there is a 45 minute cap on all matches. After the the 45 minutes have passed, the match will be counted as a draw for both players. If a player is known to be stalling intentionally and their opponent has seen the AFK Time Out button multiple times, the stalling player will be advised not to stall. If the stalling continues, the player's opponent will be advised to end the battle via AFK Time Out. The player who was not stalling will get the win. Banned Moves: - Hyperbeam - The use of Curse by Snorlax is banned. Banned Pokemon: Wobbufet is banned. Tyranitar Dragonite Registration: Method: Players are to send a private message via forums to the host (ShinyChansey) stating their IGN. This includes both players with Masters Invitations and Masters Reserve Tickets. If you are a forum banned user, you may send the host a private message via TeamSpeak 3. Registration is open as of now. Registrations will be taken until - Date: January 16th Time:Time: 6:00 PM EST | 3:00 PM PST | 11:00 PM GMT Explanation: The levels of registration are as follows: 1. Master’s Invites 2. Reserve Tickets Example: The winner of FNF March does not show, the 2nd Place for FNF March gets in. If neither show, the next Reserve Ticket (April in this case) takes the FNF March spot. 1st Place - FNF March: AlbelIV | Doesn't show 2nd Place - FNF March: Unreal | Doesn't show 1st Place - FNF April: Nlceguy | Shows; gets in as usual 2nd Place - FNF April: yWreck | Shows; takes the place of FNF March Rules: - Do not AFK Time Out your opponent unless you are advised to by a referee or the host. - Disconnecting will result in a DQ unless you prove a Fatal Render Error caused it. - Do not block your opponents or staff running the event. - Volpi Clause will not be allowed. Uncheck "render overworld in battle" (Menu -> Settings -> Video) if needed. Prizes: 1st Place: 1000 Reward Points + Signature saying “Master of <Tier>” + Invite to Master of Masters Event 2nd Place: 500 Reward Points _________________________________________________ Participating Staff: Host: ShinyChansey Referees: XelaKebert, SakuraHime, Gaxeus, Tranzmaster, Mariout
  4. Congratulations to MilesCarnage for place 1st with 11 points And to both ValeRoth and ThatGuyVolke for placing 2nd with 2 points!
  5. Introduction: Hello to the PokeMMO community! With the last update, flat battles were introduced to PokeMMO via Tournament Mode. This feature is great, but it introduces a problem to our beloved Masters tournaments, OU 50s Singles & Doubles. We would like a bit of your input before making any major decisions on the formatting. Our goal is to keep the tournament as close to the meta the invites were won in as possible. The Problem: With the introduction of flat battles, players have felt free to level their level 50 competitive Pokemon, and in turn leaving them to be unavailable for Normal Mode in the tournaments. With this in mind, we believe a change is needed. We have come up with a few ideas and would like your input on them! Possible Solutions: Option A ​Details ​Tournament Mode Tournaments. Tyranitar & Dragonite are banned. Pros ​Keeps the tournaments similar to the old OU 50s meta. Cons ​Players who have grown close to Tyranitar & Dragonite may not use them.​ Option B Details Tournament Mode Tournaments. Tyranitar & Dragonite are banned. All moves not available on Pokemon in the old 50s meta are banned (e.g. Moonlight Umbreon). Pros Keeps the tournaments the same as the old OU 50s meta. Cons Players who have grown close to Tyranitar & Dragonite may not use them. Players who have leveled their OU 50s competitive Pokemon for moves may not use them. Option C ​Details Normal Mode Tournaments. Would be normal OU 50s tournaments. Pros​ Keeps the tournaments the same as the old OU 50s meta. Cons​ Players who have grown close to Tyranitar & Dragonite may not use them. Players who have leveled their OU 50s competitive Pokemon may not use them. Notes & Rules: This is not a vote. This is us gathering information and input from the community before making a fairly large decision. We will not be making any changes to the Masters tournament at large (e.g. mixing 100s and 50s). Feel free to list any other pros/cons that we've missed. They will be added to the OP. This topic will remain open for discussion until January 10th at 6:00 PM EST. All flaming will lead to hidden posts and further punishment if it continues.
  6. Congratulations to DarkDragons for placing 1st and to Gambo for coming in at a close 2nd!
  7. They changed their team name from 'Amanu and the Rejects' to the above. Changing the bracket accordingly.
  8. Well then. In a strange turn of events, Tyranitar and Dragonite are not banned.
  9. EDIT: DISREGARD THIS The people have spoken. In a vote of 11-10, Tyranitar and Dragonite will be banned in this tournament. For banning the Pokemon: SirGaryOak Fredrichnietze BibleThump ItsGray RysPicz LionKing Appelsap JonazDK Fany sfsSkump Londar Against banning the Pokemon: DoubleJJ Jeremke 2GoSu4Ya eggroll Kanzo Tobias22 cristiano761 G0dPower Yangsam EricTheGreat Well, there you have it. See you guys in a few hours.
  10. I agree. Mistakes were made and learned from.
  11. This will be a flat battle tournament. We are going to let you guys decide on whether Tyranitar and Dragonite should be banned since you had no time to prepare for them in this tournament. All level 50 tournaments from here on will include the Pokemon, however. Starting now, you have until 12:00 PM EST (2 hours 47 minutes from this post). Tyranitar and Dragonite will be banned from UU and NU matches no matter what. Discuss. Also, keep in mind all flaming posts and drama will not be considered "votes". Let's keep it clean.
  12. Rules: 1. Two staff members will hide somewhere within Kanto and the Sevii Islands 2. The hiders will post gradually larger screenshots of their location in Global Chat, roughly once per minute. 3. Stand in a square immediately adjacent to the hider and trade them to win the round. 4. There will be 10 rounds, and one possible tiebreaker round should there be a tie. 5. Hider will remain in position until found. When a player finds a hider, they receive 1 point. 6. If after 10 minutes the hider has not been found, the round ends and no one gets the points. 7. At the end of the event, the person with the most points wins the prize. Note: All participants must have access to all of Kanto and the Sevii Islands. Date & Time: Date: Sunday, January 5 Time: 2:00 PM EST | 11:00 AM PST | 7:00 PM GMT Location: Everywhere Channel 7 ______________________________________________ Staff Attendance Hiders: ShinyChansey, Musica, XelaKebert Prize: 800 Reward Points
  13. I would like a banner for my profile. Text: "ShinyChansey" Animated? No need Team Name (?): Not needed Image/Render: A Shiny Chansey. Background: Not sure!
  14. We will not be continuing Masters next year since it drags over too much time. However, there will likely be smaller series tournaments. How would you guys feel about a UU Weekend? It would be two 32-man tournaments within the same weekend and of the UU tier. Players may compete in one or both of the events. The winner of the first tournament may not partake in the second tournament. The UU Weekend finals will occur immediately following the second tournament. The overall winner will win a prize with a higher value (not enough to shake the economy too much) than most tournaments. The winner of each individual tournament will receive a smaller prize (likely RP) for winning their tournament. Will likely occur at 2:00 or 3:00 PM EST to give Europeans a chance. This can be built on. Feel free to give feedback and/or ideas. :)
  15. Thank you for giving feedback without insulting. I really appreciate it :). Polls would be a very bad idea since the event is 9 days away, they are exploitable, and they will cause confusion to others. The changes for this month are final, one huge change is enough and people need to prepare. Please keep in mind that this decision was not only based off of a few players wanting NU. When this system for the Team Tournament was introduced (3 metas) doubles was stated to be temporary until NU was more developed. Well, NU has become quite popular and we have plans to bring more light to the tier in the next few months. Also keep in mind this change is not permanent. It is us simply trying something new. I know change isn't the most pleasant thing, but bare with me and maybe this will be fun. I will be making a post in Event Suggestions and Feedback immediately following the event, at which point we will collaboratively decide on the future of the tournament. To those wanting 5 metas, that would be an 80-man tournament and we are not prepared for that. EDIT: Keep in mind I'm not trying to be some big bad guy to ruin your fun. It's simply trying something new. I'm doing what I, and others, believe would be genuinely fun. If it doesn't work out, we have next month. I apologize to those who find this unfair.
  16. I don't recall this, honestly. I may not have been around. None-the-less, I'd like to hear feedback.
  17. As many of you may know, the winners of the 3 Masters tiers will be competing in a 3-man Swiss tournament. How would you guys feel about making the Master of Masters Brawl 2/3? Note: The Masters tournaments for each tier will not be 2/3, only the Master of Masters Brawl. Credits go to XelaKebert for the idea.
  18. Your feedback has been heard. Doubles has been replaced with NU.
  19. Welcome to the Official PokeMMO Team Tournament of December. These are monthly competitive tournaments where teams can text their kill against each other. Players battle as teams (3 at a time). You can switch out who is competing between rounds. [LYLE] KingCheerios will be given the opportunity to defend their title from November. They have earned a registration slot. We will have three types of battles per round. These metas will include OU, UU, and NU. There will be three matches at a table, the matches will fall into place as followed: The top spot will be an OU match. The middle spot will be a NU match. The bottom spot will be a UU match. Registration: Registration will be first come, first serve. The bracket will not be randomized. Date: Thursday, December 26 Time: 6:00 PM EST | 3:00 PM PST | 11:00 PM GMT One representative from each team registers up to five players in this format: Team Name: Team Tag: Registered Players: Team Captain: (Note: The Team Captain is who I will be contacting if I need to relay information to your team.) Details: 16 Teams 6v6 Level 50 OU/UU/NU Bracket Reserves: [spoiler] Thick Club VERB Kult MagnatMomenting PowerfulBrazil Gambo [/spoiler] Date & Time: Date: Saturday, December 28 Time: 2:00 PM EST | 11:00 AM PST | 7:00 PM GMT Location: Silph Co. Channel 7 Clauses: Sleep/OHKO/Pristine/Species/Hax Item/Evasion/Bag Item/Time/SelfKO/Bloo List of Clauses and what they mean Banned Pokemon: The following Pokemon are banned in UU battles: [spoiler] Aerodactyl Alakazam Arcanine Blissey Breloom Chansey Charizard Claydol Crobat Dragonite Dugtrio Dusclops Espeon Exeggutor Gengar Gyarados Heracross Houndoom Jolteon Jynx Kangaskhan Kingdra Lapras Ludicolo Machamp Marowak Salamence Scizor Skarmory Slaking Slowbro Slowking Smeargle Snorlax Starmie Tauros Tyranitar Umbreon Ursaring Vaporeon Venusaur Weezing Wobbuffet [/spoiler] The following Pokemon are banned in NU matches: [spoiler] Aerodactyl Alakazam Arcanine Blissey Breloom Chansey Charizard Claydol Crobat Dragonite Dugtrio Dusclops Espeon Exeggutor Gengar Gyarados Heracross Houndoom Jolteon Jynx Kangaskhan Kingdra Lapras Ludicolo Machamp Marowak Salamence Scizor Skarmory Slaking Slowbro Slowking Smeargle Snorlax Starmie Tauros Tyranitar Umbreon Ursaring Vaporeon Venusaur Weezing Wobbuffet Clefable Cloyster Dodrio Donphan Electabuzz Electrode (testing) Flareon Forretress Gligar Golduck Golem Granbull Grumpig Haunter Hitmonchan Hitmonlee Hitmontop Hypno Jumpluff Kabutops Kadabra Lanturn Magmar Magneton Mantine Misdreavus Mr. Mime Muk Nidoking Nidoqueen Ninetales Octillery Omastar Pikachu Pinsir Politoed Poliwrath Porygon2 Primeape Quagsire Qwilfish Raichu Rhydon Sandslash Scyther Sharpedo Sneasel Steelix Tentacruel Victreebel Vigoroth Vileplume Walrein Wynaut Xatu [/spoiler] Banned Moves: Hyperbeam The use of Spore on Ekans/Arbok is banned. Prize: Entry into Hall of Fame Thread for the winning team. ____________________________________________________ Staff Attendance: Host: ShinyChansey Referees: XelaKebert, Mariout
  20. I reformatted the thread to make it easier to follow. XelaKebert is taking over Doubles.
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