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  1. Congratulations to Amanu for placing 1st, and to ThinkNice for coming in at a close second!
  2. I will shuffle the bracket three times, no matter what.
  3. Added the bracket to the OP. The registered participants/reserves lists have been modified accordingly.
  4. Added a new banned move to the OP. - Skill Swap/Role Play being used in conjunction with Baton Pass is now banned. This is due to a bug.
  5. Fixed the OP's registered reserves list. An explanation on what happened~ When asked to take over this event, I was told to order reserves by their sign in dates, which I did. [spoiler][/spoiler] After speaking to other staff members and seeing your opinions, a system of reserves by win date seems like a better idea. Not to mention the fact that the same system was used for the Masters Invitational. We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope to see you all Saturday!
  6. Updated the OP with every player who has registered thus far.
  7. Underdog Invitational Finale We hope this new date and time will work better for our contenders! Date & Time: Date: Saturday, May 17 Time: 4:00 PM EDT | 1:00 PM PDT | 8:00 PM GMT Location: Silph Co. Channel 7 Participants: Barrage Freakiie LeGaryOak Veganatidae Fujimura XYggdrasilX uMadBrah Amanu ThinkNice TheBloo Chapelota Jingor Robofiend Sykest Flavajabari KingBowser Reserves: OldKeith DoubleJJ Walplayer OrangeManiac Quave Daniellegal Sheroo artemiseta Javess ElChupKabras Bracket Registered Participants: [spoiler] Flavajabari Veganatidae Sykest XYggdrasilX Barrage LeGaryOak ThinkNice Jingor KingBowser Amanu TheBloo OldKeith DoubleJJ Walplayer OrangeManiac Quave [/spoiler] Registered Reserves: [spoiler] Daniellegal Javess [/spoiler] Total Registered: 18 Details: 6v6 Singles Level 50 (UU) 16 Contenders 14 Reserves Double Elimination Clauses: Sleep/1HKO/Pristine/Species/Hax Item/Time/Evasion/Self-KO/Bag Items List of clauses Banned Moves: - Hyperbeam - Skill Swap/Role Play being used in conjunction with Baton Pass is now banned. Banned Pokemon: The following OU Pokemon are banned: [spoiler] Aerodactyl Alakazam Arcanine Blissey Breloom Chansey Charizard Claydol Crobat Dragonite Dugtrio Dusclops Espeon Exeggutor Gengar Gyarados Hariyama Heracross Houndoom Jolteon Jumpluff Jynx Kangaskhan Kingdra Lapras Ludicolo Machamp Marowak Salamence Scizor Skarmory Slaking Slowbro Slowking Smeargle Snorlax Starmie Tauros Umbreon Ursaring Vaporeon Venusaur Weezing Wobbuffet Wynaut [/spoiler] Registration: Registration will be first come, first serve. Begin: Date: Thursday, May 8 End: Date: Thursday, May 15 Time: 11:59 PM EDT | 9:00 PM PDT | 4:00 PM GMT Rules: Registration: - Reserves and Contenders will have 1 week from the date of posting to confirm their entry via PM. - If you are a forum banned user you may message the host on Teamspeak. - No more than 2 IGNs per forum account/IP Address. - Bracket will be first-come, first-serve. - One IGN per registration post. Other: - Do not AFK Time Out your opponent unless you are advised to by a referee or the host. - Disconnecting will result in a DQ unless you prove a Fatal Render Error caused it. - Do not block your opponents or staff running the event. - Volpi Clause will not be allowed. Uncheck "render overworld in battle" (Menu -> Settings -> Video) if needed. - Tournament Mode must be used for all duels. Prizes: 1st: Shiny Sneasel 2nd: Shiny Mareep _________________________________________________ Participating Staff: Host: ShinyChansey Referees: Caracal, Musica
  8. Your name makes me hungry. Welcome.
  9. It's good to be back.

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      whalecum back :3

    4. Mariout


      Oh, didn't even notice, welcome back!

  10. An AFK indicator wouldn't be a good thing in my opinion, considering you're timed out after 15-30 minutes anyway. If you aren't going to be around, go into /dnd and leave a reason or just sign out. Before anyone suggests getting rid of the afk kick, think of the reason for it. It's to give the server more space (less players online). With that said, it's not going anywhere. A typing indicator wouldn't be horrible; however, it would probably need a rewrite of how the entire chat system works, and I don't know if Shu/Desu is down for that. I give the blocked indicator a +1 though. However, it isn't something essential, so it could be put off for all I care.
  11. Finally. Congrats!

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      Thanks Mariout

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      And now congrats again. Blue suits your name well.

    4. DieMirin69
  12. I vote for Wailord followers. I don't care how, just make it happen. To Contribute: The idea of having a special sprite follow you is nice; however, I doubt this will happen, honestly. Once a month is pretty frequent and people may not like that. Quarterly would likely work better, perhaps a Pokemon for each corresponding holiday. There's also the fact that this leaves nothing for April Fools, but they have a year to figure something out.
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