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  1. Obviamente... Pokémon in Pokedex and Evolution screens are huge.The developers didn´t add the same scaling to these screens as they did Summary. Only they can fix it. Google Translate. Pokémon nas telas Pokedex e Evolution são enormes. Os desenvolvedores não adicionaram a mesma escala a essas telas como fizeram Resumo. Só eles podem consertar. Someone mentioned the theme they used, for these screenshots, on one of the pages. You will have to find their comment and contact them about it. This is an oversight on our part. For that I apologize. I don´t have access to the original files at the moment, and likely won´t for the next few months. If there is more request to update this pokemon, I may take the time to expedite it. However, since this isn´t a paid project, I encourage you, the community, to try your hand at fixing it.
  2. I´m not sure what that means. None of the testers mentioned derpy. But as I´ve stated in the F.A.Q.s, I don´t play this game. I will only make upgrades if they are related to changes in game development and highly requested. You guys are free to make all the alterations you want to the mod. Be the change you want to see in the world.
  3. From everyone that tested and posted here, the freezing is normal, because of the file size. You have to wait it out. One person said they had to wait 2 hours or something crazy. I would recommend pressing the import button before you wind down for bed and see if it's good to go in the morning.
  4. As I said in the opening post "You only need to download one". Shiny Hunter is meant for people hunting shinies. This will make the shinies bigger than the normals. SD is the Standard Definition and contains both normal and shiny. This will make them both the same size. If you install and activate more than one mod, they will have conflicts. Only install the mod that you want to use. In this case, it seems like you are hunting shinies and want the Shiny Hunter mod. Good luck.
  5. I'm not sure what you are refering to by "team icons below health bar". If you are refering to the pokemon icons that are used for pokedex, that also display as your team, that is a different mod entirely and not managed by this mod. If you are refering to the battle summary page in PvP, I have already addressed this in my F.A.Q.s and it is out of my control. You guys need to message the devs to change the scaling. He probado esto con mi movil y no hay ningún error. Me da tristeza que tengas problemas pero no sé qué decir. Yo no juego PokeMMO. Espero que la comunidad te pueda ayudar. Es posible que haya una instalación corrupta del mod cargado. Normalmente hay una carpeta temporaria con estos archivos. Necesitas quitarlos. Buena suerte.
  6. Yes, both the SD and HD show shiny Pokémon.
  7. It's his. You are welcome to message him for more information. Shiny Hunters are people who spend hours/days/weeks/years hunting in the exact same spots with special counters (through apps, paper, or memory) trying to find a Shiny Pokémon. Normal people go years without seeing one. In order to better recognize a Shiny Pokémon among the thousands of repetitive battles, many Shiny Hunters use a Shiny Hunter mod. These mods only display bigger and more obvious front GIFs in place of shiny Pokémon, so they stand out amongst the hordes. Normal Pokémon keep the original default GIF. The file size is also significantly smaller since it's only 25% of the GIFs.
  8. Thanks for the kind words. I hope the game continues to do well. It looks like good fun.
  9. Patch Note 16/01/22 - Version 1.1 - Fixed shiny Steelix's sprite size. All three versions had a different size sprite because of a scripting error.
  10. Like SamQuincy said, this is just a Battle Sprites mod. I currently only have MediaFire. I can make a Mega account and upload the mods there, but I don't know when I will be available to do it. You may have to wait a day or two.
  11. This is addressed in the "bugs" section.
  12. Absolutely! Only Themes have xml code specific to Android or PC. These are just GIFs. Though because of the file size, it will take a couple minutes to import. I also recommend the HD version for mobile, since there is no summary screen box and the battle summary isn't visible with any battle sprite mod.
  13. Image courtesy of GoKickRocks Wailord is 14.5 meters long (47' 6"). I reduced him down to 11 meters. Hopefully the purists won't hate too much. I only have a few photos left from the testers. For more screenshots, you'll have to ask someone who has the mod. I don't have the game installed.
  14. Me alegro de que lo hayas resuelto.
  15. Those are using the SD version. The HD version is only really noticeable when the camera zooms in on the enemy Pokémon. I only created the HD version for those who wanted the maximum pixels for their free download.
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