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  1. *Kæmpe tillykke med fødselsdagen Dennis!!!! :D :D :D I hope you had a great day my dear friend :D I miss you <3 *Translation: Happy birthday Dennis!!!! :D :D :D (Yes I'm a little late with the congratulations in your timezone, but it's still your birthday here soooo :p )
  2. What do you mean I'm not alive? I played the "new" Unova storyline 2 days this month before disappearing again!
  3. Hi guys, it's been a while! <3 So I'm playing storyline with Jonas now, and look what I just caught :D
  4. Yea, I'm just super busy with other stuff! But at least I got on the forums to wish you a happy birthday right? :D How are you doing? :D
  5. TILLYKKE MED FØDSELSDAGEN DENNIS! <3 (Happy birthday Dennis) Also hey everyone, I hope you're all doing great!! :D It has been a while :O
  6. A little late but... Wooooooooooh congratulations on that team tournament guys <3 !! So proud! Hopefully I will stop by soon to catch a shiny growlithe to go with the vulpix :P I hope you are all doing great haha :D
  7. Congratulations guys, I'm very proud to see the team that i founded just about 2 years ago is still going strong hitting hard with head held high, great team spirit, all thanks to all the lovely people in the team. I will now crawl back into my hole of being dead(sometimes I just pop my head out to see what's happening or play a tournament)  :)  Keep it going guys, a very huge congratulations to all of you!   Pictures [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  8. Just posting this rare moment, some of you will know what I mean ;) Goodnight     [spoiler]Lf Boutet to join the reunion as well, and for Dennis and Rys to be online sorry if i forgot any, im kinda tired, just a cool coincident [/spoiler]
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