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  1. What do you mean I'm not alive? I played the "new" Unova storyline 2 days this month before disappearing again!
  2. What u doing here?

    1. SirGaryOak


      On the forums? :p

  3. Ah yea, well the images should be easy to implement haha. Someone still needs to draw them I guess, *wink wink* lovely Darkshade :P I guess that's what you meant. If you are asking if we should just use the bigger ones, how much bigger are they when they are in the corner of the "Pokemon + Item Square"? I mean if it doesn't look horrible I'm sure people would still prefer that, it would be very helpful to have the item show.
  4. ikr, it's horrible.. This suggestion should go for items in the pc as well I guess. Not as important but still would be nice
  5. This little thing   It's really really annoying having to check your item all the time, and I mean all the time. Before farming, before ev training, before putting your stuff in the daycare now, before playing a tournament, the items matter so damn much all the time. It would be so much easier to just show the actual item instead of the yellow icon/box.    It should be easy to implement, and very helpful to any player on the server, new as well as old.   Discuss.
  6. Shiny tangela is cool brah, gratz :p I have one too (somewhere) sadly I sold when I was still a noob ;_;
  7. SirGaryOak

    Quick Wishlist

    I cannot explain how grateful I was for the official PokeMMO Launcher for Mac even though it most definitely isn't the best way to do it, as you said yourself, it really mattered a lot! So even though that was a great upgrade I'm still gonna go with this list:   1. Better application for Mac users (they have been forgotten for too long) 2. EV rework (you have talked about this in another thread, and even though breeding might be a bit too easy at times, EV training sure as hell is a pain in the ass lol) 3. Balancing the tower payouts   I just realized those things might be a bit too big? ^^ so lol [spoiler] This might be more appropriate, but a man can dream right? :P 1. Rain Dance 2. Not rejecting battles and trades when typing 3. That you do this kind of wishlist every time an update is near haha, such a great idea [/spoiler]
  8. When waiting for a gif you think will do something dramatic and it just doesn't :O
  9. @Darkshade   I understand some of your cons but I dont really agree with them, but this adds nothing to the discussion whether you agree with my arguments or I agree with yours. I still highly believe that will add some game content to an MMO which highly needs it(somewhere in the future). It might take a while to make, but that's kind of the point, the devs need to keep fixing things up so the meta's keep changing. Somewhere in the future adding hidden abilities makes a great opportunity for more farming and new ways to adapt to the meta hence making new comps aka more farming. You know the game economy and comps keeps getting better and are nowadays so good IV that you won't need a new one unless you "force" the meta to change, new spreads and ideas for your comps and teams. I hope you see where I'm getting with this, this idea is highly useful, at least somewhere in the future(sadly). And could be added with new ideas, we all know that the devs has been working on dungeons, it would considerable to add those hidden abilities to those. Also it's not a problem not to have a hidden ability, I mean even in later generations not all Pokemon has hidden abilities look at the generation 3 Pokemon(who doesn't have 1 at all): Baltoy, Cascoon, Castform, Celebi, Chingling, Clairol, Deoxys, Flagon, Gastly, Gengar, Groudon, Haunter, Jirachi, Koffing, Latias, Latios, Kyogre, Lunatone, Metapod, Mew, Misdreavus, Pupitar, Rayquaza, Shedinja, Silcoon, Slaking, Slakoth, Solrock, Unown, Vibrava, Vigoroth and Weezing. ALL of them dont have a hidden ability, honestly I dont see the problem in having a few more not having their hidden ability since it doesn't exist here, just like all level up moves from later gens will be possible here doesn't mean they should get moves that doesn't even exist here. Feel free to give your comments on why you dont think it should exist, but dont throw stones and say things that you have already said. This isn't a discussion of opinions.   edit: fixed an important word that was missing lol
  10. Holy shit this is such an amazing idea! :O I dont think we need to discuss whether they get OP or not honestly, the tiers will just regulate to fit it, that's what it has done before this for each new kind of update we got. I really think this would be a cool implementation to the game, not sure how to do it thought, but I will post again if I think of some cool way to get the abilities. Maybe dungeons/quests where you earn another kind of points (like trainer tower for event moves) ? I really think this would add a great deal to the game :D Well thought Keith!
  11. I see it daily, and I experience it myself all the time and haven't we all? Speaking in the wrong channel.. It's such a common thing to mess up the channels you are speaking in since they dont really stand out. This would be highly useful for many players and most likely very easy to implement, also making the game more "user-friendly" I guess. Anyways feel free to discuss it :)   This is the one I'm talking about:   So yea just make them the color the chat colors already are. So basically my suggestions is when you are in "Team" the tag "Team" right next to where you type your message, should be slightly red fitting the color you speak in. Etc. for the other speak channels.
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