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  1. You can EV-train Pokémon at any level, no matter what. The only stats that are set in stone are a Pokémon's IVs. So you can train your Dragonite even at lvl. 100. :3.
  2. If you haven't done so already, you'll need to file a Ban Appeal in this section of the forums, and they'll look into the issue. :3.: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/67-ban-appeal/
  3. To everyone who are on Macs that are experiencing this issue, simply download a fresh copy of the client linked here. After the download finishes, launch the client and it'll download the necessary assets. After that's finished, the client will relaunch itself. Once it does, simply load your ROMs into it and close and relaunch the client. Once you do so, you will be able to proceed as normal. I hope this helps. :3.
  4. Was training my Metagross in Cerulean Cave, and Jumpeon gave me another surprise visit. Again, S.R.I.F. (Alas, no Shiny Ledian yet.) :3.:
  5. <3

    1. RyukoNotsunaga


      Yellerp. I see you lurking on my page. :3.

  6. I've had a little more free time lately, and decided to come back for a little bit after being away for practically a year. So far, I've been playing off-and-on for about 4-5 days. I was training some Pokémon for a breed I was requested to make in Sky Pillar, and wound up catching this in about 25 minutes of starting, and about 17 or-so Leppa Berries in. Just too bad it wasn't on any of the bred Pokémon, as several of them were Ralts. But still, a nice welcome back given to me by Jumpeon. Also, S.R.I.F.. :3.:
  7. Also a tip for those who happen to choose Charizard and Dragonite vs. Entei and Arcanine. On the 1st turn, have Dragonite use Toxic on Entei while Charizard uses Rock Slide to hopefully make one or both of them flinch, and then Rain Dance on the 2nd turn. (Or 3rd, if you choose to poison Arcanine as well.) In the event that they use Fire-type attacks, the strength will be cut by 1/2. If/when the rain stops, just use Rain Dance again. During the rain, just bombard them with Rock Slide and Aqua Jet/Dragon Breath combos. KO Arcanine 1st, since Entei really isn't strong at all. After that, Entei's
  8. Yeah. If it is the cause, that's kind of ironic. The thing that's suppose to make it faster is making it lag instead. XD. But hopefully that feature will be what resolves this issue. If you need me to test anything out that's Mac-related in the future, please feel free to let me know. :3.
  9. I'd like to provide a little update to this topic, as I had been experiencing this issue as well. (Every single step took me about 2-3 seconds to take. XD.) Although it isn't really recommended, I downgraded my client back to the version that was released back in around September of 2016. I went into both my /Library and ~/Library folders, went to Application Support, and deleted both of the folders for "PokéMMO" and re-installed the 2016 revision from scratch. I'm not sure if it's the revision itself that did it, or the fresh re-install that did it, but I am now able to play through Unova wit
  10. Arigatou for letting me know. :3.
  11. I'm currently looking for a price evaluation for my HP Grass Blaziken, as I have someone who is interested in it.: To anyone who gives me a price evaluation, arigatou beforehand. :3.
  12. *Edited, as I no longer have the Pokémon I posted about. :3.*
  13. One thing you'll have to keep in mind is the exchange rate for different types of currency. The currency that RP pricing is based off of is USD. So if you use a different currency, like the Argentine Peso, then you'll have to figure out what you'd wind up paying at the end after conversion. To do this, you can type in the currency you use to USD in "Google," and it'll give you a section to input values. To give you an idea, though, I did so using the Argentine Peso as the original currency. $1752.10 ARS would roughly equal $100 by today's exchange rate. So $1752.10 ARS should get y
  14. I'm currently in need of some Very Spicy Seeds, and am looking to get 100-200 of them. Here's a screenshot of the seeds I currently have. :3.: I'm up to offers, as long as it doesn't make me run out of a particular type. For example, 99 Very Spicy Seeds for 83 Very Dry Seeds + 17 of whatever else. :3.
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