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  1. I assume this is equivalent to Black Friday but in Canada. Yeah, I worked in retail during Black Friday. Not really sure if it's a fair comparison though because: 1. the day is known and mentioned before hand so of course a lot of people will be sniping. In PokeMMO people are literally sniping like it's boxing day 24/7. 2. It'd be the equivalent of a customer teleporting to the item as soon as the stores are open, and then teleporting to the front counter. They still have to walk to get the item which still makes the .2 seconds that this happens in unreasonable. Reaction time is on average .25 seconds, but you also have to account for the time it takes to process this information, and the time time it takes to press the buttons to buy the item. I'm not saying .5 seconds is completely unreasonable for the item to be gone. I'm saying .2 seconds is quite literally impossible without some form of macro/script filtering what is and is not good. I don't mind being disproven on this and I'd love to meet the human being who was able to snipe my 99 Leppa berries literally immediately as I put it up and ask them how they did it. It'd be nice if they showed the person who purchased your items on the GTL. To be honest, this shouldn't even be a problem because it's so easily prevented by putting a 2 minute wait for new items placed on the GTL. Not saying that stuff wouldn't be getting immediately sniped still, but it at least prevents the user from being screwed over from such a rookie mistake (yes, I am stupid and did not look closely.)
  2. Yes, that is exactly my point. It isn't just fast reaction time when I accidentally put 99 leppa berries at $100 each. They literally sold in .2 seconds or less. Humans can't refresh the GTL, process the information of the listing, and press the buttons in .2 seconds. It's literally inhuman. I don't care how many people are on the GTL sniping things. I highly doubt there was a human able to snipe my listing that quickly. If 1 second had passed I'd be a lot more charitable on this point. I don't doubt plenty of human players snipe quality items. Hell, I sniped cheap dittos with extremely good IVs and sold them for higher on the GTL just a few days ago. I'm just asking for people to be a little reasonable and actually think how long it would actually take to snipe a really good item on the GTL. .2 seconds is not the correct answer. Hell, you can sell 1 leppa berry at $100 on the GTL and that's enough to prove my point. I unfortunately made the mistake of selling 99 at $100 though.
  3. I'll take your word for it that a lot of the botters get banned, but I don't think I can be blamed for thinking that there is a small handful of people who are still botting in these locations. Then again, I may just not be used to watching people be able to grind for 8 hours at a time. I can only grind for 2 hours at a time before getting sick of it, and even after 2 hours at a time I think there should be a captcha popping up. I guess I misworded my original post, but I think more active captchas in these areas would make sense. I don't necessarily want people banned just for grinding (feel like I need to say this because I keep getting straw-manned.)
  4. You think it's more likely that not a single person is botting? Do you think if I used a macro to do this for 2, 4, even 6 hours every day I would get banned? How come these people can sit here for hours upon hours at a time doing the same actions rhythmically never skipping a beat. How come when I post something to the GTL at an accidentally low price it sells immediately? Be a little charitable here.
  5. Maybe it's because I'm relatively new and maybe some of these people aren't actually botting. However, I refuse to believe that every single one of these players is a human being. I know there is a captcha, but there must be a way these people are avoiding the system. There are a few locations that seems quite overrun by people afk farming (looking at you Dragonspiral Tower.) So, why isn't anything being done about it? I feel like at this point you might as well just allow macros since it seems like so many people have scripts that are avoiding the captcha anyways.
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