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  1. Telf

    Goodbye ma boys

    o7 bye daryl
  2. I got a charmander but didnt want to evo it
  3. Telf

    No Bidoofs?

    Looked forward to logging on today after work, never thought Id have hype for this game, but today I did. I logged on and got nothing but disappointment. So sad.
  4. all these names are bringing me back, cipherweston will always be my favorite because he gave me my first wp
  5. if we merg two ded teams we just end up with one bigger ded team, im down
  6. Telf

    What's your fav pokemon

  7. I think I got my first in my first 2 years of playing at around 1900 2300 hours?
  8. Telf

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry holidays everyone

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