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  1. no but like srs question, when will I know?
  2. damn, i got all excited when i saw him post after this
  3. Telf

    [PSL X] Player Registration

    IGN: Telf Timezone: EST Fluff: I've played in every season since the third except the last one (I heard it was trash anyway), I've had some pretty hype games and I had a pretty good win rate every season Preferred Tiers: Showdown unless you wanna borrow me some comps Most Preferred Manager: Someone just buy me thanks Least Preferred Manager: @Vorred
  4. Hey Team: I think im still in Sass? if you're having trouble picking a manager just do a coin flip
  5. Telf

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    when i read this I was like "Did it already start, did i miss sign ups? who tf is drama?" and then i realized :|
  6. @Aerun for real this time
  7. lvl5 magikarp only, splash only move

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