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  1. ok, Ill see what I can do ! (or if you have visual studio, you can compile it on your computer, that way, no compatibility issues !)
  2.   ^^ thank you for making the client support !     hum ... I don' t think you can do something, I'll see what I can do ... you're on windows XP right ?
  3. hum ...  this is weird, I have no ideas why it happens, ... I'll try to look into that !   as for the icon, this is normal, I still havn't decided what it should look like, so if any of you have an idea ! just go on !!   it doesn't ? hum.... have you the last .net framework installed ? I think if XP can't have it, then this is why the app doesn't work ... can't be sure though, I don't have any XP computer set up ...
  4. Could you be more specific ? For instance by giving the error you get ?
  5. anyway, I might still make a readme !    "BUG report" : this is actually not a bug, I made the form sticky. if you don't want it, just untick the box in the option panel, it will not stick to the primary screen at all but neather will it stick to the side of your second screen !   Suggestion 1 :  I'll do something like that, in the meantime, you don't have to restart neather the client nor the counter, just click on another window than PokeMMO (the counter for instance, toggle the bike, and give back the focus to pokeMMO, the counter should then be right   Suggestion 2 : I could use that kind of stuff, but this would make this app a lot heavier !!  and I think it should be another app doing this (I could merge the two latter but not at first !) but I need to look deep into breeding to understand all the components of its mechanism ! (I think someone must have made an easy tuto I could use to understand enough !)     And for the database, I hope you did not do this manually ! if so, I think you can stop right now, there are ways to get those data on websites with a correct mini - soft !   but I think I could use it for the other soft I'll try to do (but not now, I must prepare for my studies) it would provide me a good start, though to allow multilingual support I would use other web-sources !     humm.... since it is a mac app, I can't try it, nor can I make a standalone app to download, can someone do one and tell me if this works ? (and give me the app to put to download ?)
  6.   humm.... sorry but for now, this is only available for windows (programmed in C#). so unless you know a way to make it work under Mac, you won't be able to use my soft sorry
  7. thank you !   the only problem is : the progress bar is only 4 (or 5 don't remember) pixels high ...  not much place to put numbers ... I could maybe place them above the bar, but then ... there would be no place for the name ...     would this really useful ? there are already auto IV calc isn't there ? (and I did not really looked into that part of the game play (wait ... WHAT ???))
  8.   hummm... this is actually written in the code of conduct, though the code of conduct says (section 4 Paragraph D) :   since what I want to do is just look at the traffic, and not manipulate it, I think it is not clear whether it is allowed or not ... (I guess it is not, but I'll send a request to have the permission !(it is said "unauthorized" so you can get an authorization right ?)
  9. Have you tried lowering the bike interval in the option panel ?would be interesting to know exactly how much ms it takes on your computer to make a step
  10. seeing how complicates it seems to be, I don't think will ever have someone trying something like that ! but, you're right, I'll take a look at it !
  11. I'm going to look into that, and tell you all if this can be done !   (Yes I know, I'm replying to myself ! so what ?)
  12.   Well, I don't think that it would b a problem to scan for encounters, with enough knowledge of the window screen, it could be calculated where this text appears ! and how tall it would be ! but, yes, it would require some CPU ! though I think, if it is done properly, it could be invisible to the player ! (capturing videos, can be almost invisible to the player, so checking 2 frames a sec,(I think it would be enough !) should not be too much !   the problem of hotkeys, is that many people don't like to have something to do at all (except looking at the results ^^), but it would be feasible, I think   the best way would obviously be that the dev team gives an "API" with events (like OnBattleStart() which have the pokemon infos, whether it is a wild encounter or not, and why not the place where the fight is taking place) sent that can be used in other programs (would be easier to make them in java then)  I actually think this could be emulated by watching the data sent through the network !
  13.   I'm intrigued, why  would this not work ?
  14. Soft updated, the new version is available through download links on the first Post
  15. seems interesting !   at first I was thinking you made a library to interact with PokeMMO, I was interested to be able to communicate with PokeMMO, but then I say it was "only" to add stuff in it ! this is quite awesome still !
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