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  1. generally starters and rare pokemons are in the 20s range, while regular ones are 2m each. It would be a safe bet to not trade with anyone wanting to talk price with you via DMs
  2. the aerodactyl and charizard are worth 20m each. There are people here that will do really shady stuff to get a good deal. I would not post on forums asking for price for 2012 pokemons those guys are the worst
  3. I think Ninja Mask should be a face accessory or eye accessory I would never wear it over any hat
  4. Have a lot of Competitive I would like to purchase. Would like to trade Flygon for Winged Helmet + 5 Competitive's
  5. Updated: Leveling service available, Ditto Boxes, Competitive, and New Tabs
  6. wondering if this guy still works 😮
  7. UPDATED SHOP Re-Imaged, Competitive, Services, Buying Tabs MAY 24
  8. IGN: Chickun omggg hahaha I saw just the mod post 😄
  9. I am open for a trade that is very similar in price, or something I like 😄
  10. Sherteminys is really nice and is a great trader
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