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  1. Yeah, you can use Binomial distribution. If you're trying to find the probability of finding exactly one shiny after n encounters, it would work, however the way Orange stated is a lot easier, and gives you the same answer. Having said that, you can do more cool things with Binomial distribution, i.e if you want to find the probability of exactly 3 shiny encounters, or at least 4 shiny encounters etc after n encounters in total. Does that answer your question?
  2. this is awesome, keep up the good work
  3. Need help with some coding, if there are any experts in the house please reply
  4. How did Jovi calling me a duck one day escalate to all of this
  5. Text: Kevola Rise with cool e Character/Pokemon/Whatever: Bronzong Background: Anything you think fits Anything else?: Make it rectangle pls Thanks a lot
  6. I'd be down. Would be pretty expensive in London though
  7. Yeah, completely agree with Zymogen. Can't think of a reason why this would be a bad idea
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