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  1. I don't have 500k now, rip
  2. Pls, we've all forgotten about the others I hope
  3. I could've sworn it used to be 1hr, unless the changed it
  4. Equally my idea was to switch to chansey for the reason you stated above which meant that I'd get the hp I'd need. Obviously we can't determine who would've won as there are too many complexities, but it was a good game and I enjoyed it
  5. Yeah, I didn't edit after your second response, my bad
  6. I got 51/53 after spikes+recovery+prot recovery. Think i was on 96 i dont remember though so it's just a semi guess
  7. Those numbers are incorrect. I'd have ended up with 51 or 53 hp (Forgot which one it was) after spikes dmg, recovery and protect. That's the reason I seismic toss'd and didn't wish on your switch to hera. It would require no rng, and the prediction would be a softboiled switch when you were about to die
  8. I don't think that's true. My chansey was still in the game, if I switched it in on recovery + 1 prot, I'd have been above 50hp for a free wish. I'd argue I had the advantage
  9. At and not and, no abuse pls E: Idk what happens but i feel like taking the loss for a bug isn't fair
  10. Timer didn't give me +10 seconds Pretty I should've gotten the time and Bear agreed
  11. Me and Eloy in 10
  12. Could have a vote if it matters that much
  13. Me vs Eloy Friday 6pm gmt
  14. For Bilburt ofc