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  1. kevola

    LF a Breeder

    Lf a breeder, pm me if interested
  2. kevola

    Insomnia 63 (UK Meetup)

    I'd be down. Would be pretty expensive in London though
  3. kevola

    Insomnia 63 (UK Meetup)

    I'm down for this
  4. kevola

    Akshit's Asylum [Comps]

    Brilliant service. Super quick, cheap and extremely reliable. Would definitely recommend it to people who are currently looking for an ev trainer
  5. kevola

    Rework Amnesia Brace

    Yeah, completely agree with Zymogen. Can't think of a reason why this would be a bad idea
  6. Happy Birthday Erayne, hope you have a fantastic day
  7. kevola

    [TV] Dragonball

    Fucking hell that episode was incredible Can you guys imagine vegeta and goku both in that state (ultra instinct?) then doing the fusion dance

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