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  1. Schuchty won, gg
  2. Me vs Schu in 10
  3. Kevola vs Schuchty 7pm GMT
  4. Keeping the small council may not be a bad idea as it means the decision made has to be filtered and seen from different stand points. Ideally the 5 people chosen should be fair and just regardless of what team they are in and who they're friends with
  5. Vote, like your who should replace eric as manager thing
  6. How about this. After the host makes a controversial decision, we vote. Yes/No. Yes agrees with host, no disagrees and leads to... Moderation. Before every psl the community picks 5 people who they think can make a fair decision. If 75% or more of the people who voted go with no (In 3 days), the decision is out of the hosts' hands and the 5 people decide. This decision will be final I think this could be a pretty cool idea, thoughts?
  7. I think 2 days might be a bit too much, but there should definitely be something enforced, otherwise people can just take the piss
  8. This is exactly why I did what I did. I wanted something like this to be put in place. It's not fair otherwise for the reasons you saw above Edit : I hope you understand why I did what I did. I just wanted to make PSL better
  9. I never said Lucas dodged me, in fact, I think I said it was because he was busy on multiple occasions. The fact of the matter is, silence from one end could be a result of intention as well, disguised as being busy for example. Regardless, if someone was busy, should they get a no contest, even though it's their fault? Also, jj. Imagine how you'd feel if I pm'd him on Friday saying "Lets play 3am your time" and forced your team to make a sub when I was clearly in the wrong as I was not available to play for the majority of the week. It just wouldn't be fair on you Edit to respond to yours : If you think Coolio had to make a sub, you would have had to as well, which is another thing that's unfair. I think Keith had a good response to this
  10. Just because someone has the final decision, doesn't mean that their decision is correct. What I did should prove that his decision was blatantly incorrect Also, this would have 100% been a no contest based on last week unless Zebra goes against his own arguments. I'd like to think what I did this week will cause fewer controversies in future psl's as actions will be put in place for things like this The match is going to happen, don't worry
  11. We will be, but I hope you understand why Zebra's decision was wrong
  12. For people who think I'm a uguu right now : I just wanted to prove a point that @BurntZebra 's decision was bad. People can easily dodge others and/or freely be inactive as they are most likely going to get a no contest. This would be extremely unfortunate as it ruins the competitive aspect of the game. I planned on forcing a no contest to prove a point but I realised that would be too far. All in all, Zebra, your decision was shit, and this just proves it. If I had opened my pm on Friday, this would be similar to what happened week 1 vs Lucas and I, but much less extreme, which would have ended in a no contest, even though schuchty was clearly not in the wrong here. I was going to play him on the weekend to further enforce my point but I found out he's unavailable, so we're likely going to be playing on Friday Zebra, your decision was poor and I really hope you can put something in place to stop people doing things like this Edit : I hope people understand where I'm coming from. I could've easily gotten a no contest if I carried on, when it was my fault completely. It would be totally unfair on my opponent for doing this, but Zebra's previous decision allows for this to happen
  13. Why do you think I was 'inactive'
  14. When I said he was busy, I didn't mean he literally said that