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  1. Got a bold or calm tenta w/ knock off and spin?
  2. Dude, these sigs are awesome. I'll be sure to order one soon
  3. Let's do it when we're both on next
  4. What's the highest amount you're willing to wager?
  5. Surely we could just have 12 or so matches instead. Would add more hype and increase the competitive aspect imo
  6. That's incredible
  7. Name: Kevola Team (optional): LYLE Background (optional): You chose Render (Pokemon/Character): Shiny Metagross Additional information (optional): Make it look as cool as you can haha. Thanks a lot!
  8. 500k on me vs xilias
  9. @EricTheGreat reminder on the 2m
  10. blue flaming mask (2.1m) on Sparkie
  11. @EricTheGreat Just a reminder for the 2m, might need it soon cuz I made a bet with Yang
  12. Kevola Uk Boycotting if I get put with @Zymogen
  13. I'll take Tranz
  14. we play sunday any hour

    i post it only to confirm

    my timezone is est

    1. kevola



  15. Facade is nice on Machamp