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  1. Is awesome, thanks
  2. Choice of two colors: Red and Black Name: Kevola Team (Optional): NORE (With the cool 0 with the line across it) Render: Gyarados Thnka
  3. Kecleon and shifter?
  4. Details on aggron?
  5. Pm'd ziko like 2-3 days ago. Waiting for a reply
  6. Dude, these sigs are awesome. I'll be sure to order one soon
  7. Let's do it when we're both on next
  8. What's the highest amount you're willing to wager?
  9. That's incredible
  10. Name: Kevola Team (optional): LYLE Background (optional): You chose Render (Pokemon/Character): Shiny Metagross Additional information (optional): Make it look as cool as you can haha. Thanks a lot!
  11. 500k on me vs xilias
  12. @EricTheGreat reminder on the 2m
  13. blue flaming mask (2.1m) on Sparkie
  14. @EricTheGreat Just a reminder for the 2m, might need it soon cuz I made a bet with Yang