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  1. Kevola Uk Boycotting if I get put with @Zymogen
  2. I'll take Tranz
  3. NAIVE Flygon: 20/27/30/28/24/31 - Flamethrower/Tpunch/EQ/DClaw - 300k I'll buy
  4. we play sunday any hour

    i post it only to confirm

    my timezone is est

  5. Facade is nice on Machamp
  6. @Walpayer When are you free?
  7. Changed my mind
  8. 2m on Gunthug vs Raptori
  9. 2m on gunt vs raptori @EricTheGreat owes me 2m unless you want to do a double or nothing
  10. They started :/
  11. the 2m is in the form of a mask. Who won?
  12. Bored of game so ynot 2m on doc
  13. Can I see your Porygon's and Dodrio's please? nvm just read that you're not selling