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  1. kevola

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    Can someone spice this up please? @Haazuu I just bet 1m against your team, you gonna let me disrespect you like that without taking it? The real luffy would be disappointed
  2. kevola

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    I'll gtl my stuff before I quit, you'll get your money
  3. kevola

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    I'll take this with 1/6 odds if you want 6m to you if you win psl 1m to me if you don't If you're that confident in your team you shouldn't have a problem taking it
  4. kevola

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    1m on dank express beating strawhats this week void if draw. 5m that dank express make top 4 at the end of the 7 weeks
  5. kevola

    Kevola's Comp Shop

    pls buy
  6. kevola

    Kevola's Comp Shop

    Buy pls
  7. kevola

    Red's comp and Breed'in shop .UPTATED

    mandibuzz: level50 | imphish | 252hp 252def 6speed|31 26 31 x 30 27 |bravebird , taunt , defog , roost . how much?
  8. kevola

    WTS Comps

    does azumarill have aqua jet?
  9. kevola

    Kevola's Comp Shop

  10. kevola

    [PSL X] Player Registration {?}

    IGN: Kevola Timezone: GMT Fluff: Don't know my typings but can still kick your ass Preferred Tiers: Pokemmo UU
  11. kevola

    Kevola's Comp Shop

  12. kevola

    Kevola's Comp Shop

    Buy pls
  13. kevola

    PvP Time Limit Tiebreaker Feedback

    Firstly, I don't think there's a fair way to determine who the victor would be at the end of a match, especially with an automated system. Seeing as time is the problem, I think we should focus on that. Why not reduce the amount of time we get after moves at a frequent interval? For example, after 15 minutes, the time we get after moves could become 8 seconds. After 30 minutes it could be 6. After 45, it could be 4. At 50 It could be 3, and at 55 It could be 2 and so forth. I feel like this would affect both players equally, and would give a fair solution to the problem.
  14. kevola

    Kevola's Comp Shop

    I'm on now
  15. kevola

    Kevola's Comp Shop

    Buy my stuff pls

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