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  1. this is fantastic, love it man will defo use it unfortunately 99% of people can't and won't sit through +10 years of changelogs just to get one bit of information that should be on a wiki or pinned general thread, if you do however, maybe you are the one who should work on doing something at all, cheers!
  2. i really don't care about what olduguu like you have to say, new people join every day and basic information is required for new players to stick around, not everyone is unemployed or unschooled and can sit their asses and play all day for days, deal with it I wrote the rant while heated, as I was really frustrated with how inconsistent and nonsensical catch rates feel; that + finding nothing about the catch rates on the internet or forum got me mad, I agree that the devs aren't doing a terrible job, they are doing pretty well, but in +10 years that this project has been around I'm still disappointed that they didn't grab a bunch of contributors and wrote a proper wiki going over everything added, old, new, etc. instead leaving users to come up with guides for other uses themselves via trial & error and experimentation, i hope the dev team didn't feel offended or attacked and I hope there are improvements regarding this topic
  3. as I already pointed out, I am aware that this is a MMO, but there's literally 0 reason for the developers to keep numbers and information in secret and away from the players, is just stupid and caters to the ideas and theories that I have heard previously like how "odds are better for particular people" and etc, things just don't add up
  4. i really fail to see how flutes are "op"
  5. I am using photoshop, but I lack the brains to script such thing, regardless I appreciate the information this is fantastic, do you reckon you could link or (if you have lots of free time) make a simple easy to follow guide? I'd really appreciate that and I see a lot of potential for custom sprite modding
  6. it's just absolutely ridiculous and absurd how a standard pokéball will fail more times than it will succeed at catching a 1hp asleep <20 level pokémon now, this is a rant about how the devs really do an awful job at informing the players about basic stuff in this game, the ingame FAQ is useful for the first 5 minutes of playing for the first time ever, yes sure it's a pokemon game after all no? everyone has played and knows the basics + bulbapedia can get you a long way except not really, remember that most of this game's inner workings are heavily modified and there's little to no accessible information, I get it, it's a MMO, sure, but that's no excuse for it to become just a tedious braindead grind with inflated artificial difficulty and unexplained mechanics (like how you have to steal fossils and other items from wild geodudes/gravellers that spawn when you use rock smash, otherwise there's no way to find fossils since the underground will never be implemented and it's literally explained or mentioned nowhere unless you look for it) this is pokémon, not Warframe. I haven't yet found a thread or page listing the current pokeball catch rates and condition multipliers, all I do find are spam posts unrelated to the thing I'm actually searching for, there's no information about it, I don't know if this game is using Gen 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 catch rate system. Reading the official bulbapedia article about catch rates and other game mechanisms is pretty much useless as everything is modified, the closest thing I have found to a proper pokeMMO wiki is this, and it's still lacking heavily http://www.en.pokemmo.shoutwiki.com/wiki/PokeMMO_Wiki:Main_page for how long this project has been alive i'm really disappointed at the lack of basic information
  7. im not looking for a way to build the gif, im looking for a way to make the recoloring process either automated or more efficient
  8. Hello, I'm gonna keep it short, I love pokémon and the concept of shinys, but some shinys are an absolute disappointment, so I'm working on making my own custom shinys, and I was wondering if there was an app or AI that let's you feed it images and choose the colors to replace and/or swaps palettes, I'm currently editing the images 1 by 1 and it's fine but very slow, and it's gonna be a hassle if this is the only way, but I'm sure there has to be another way/method to do this or similar, any help and tips will be greatly appreciated
  9. is there any version of this mod that uses the normal 2D sprites? i really don't like the look of the 3D ones + most look glitched anyway
  10. i appreciate your reply, i truly wish the developers gave the modders more freedom soon or in the future, as it would be amazing to see what people come up with and their artistic capabilities
  11. where to find/enable the battle themes? it's the only thing i really want, they look insane
  12. it's embarrassing the fact that i forgot that this skill is a thing, makes so much sense now, thanks for reminding me
  13. In gen V they become useless and their only purpose is to be sold, in gen III and IV the black and white flutes are used by the player to increase or decrease wild pokemon spawn rates by 50% on the current tile until the player leaves or re-enters, the other colored flutes cure status effects on pokemon, if there's any way to restore the use for them, please do
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