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  1. JUST so people know I won't be back for a while

  2. FOR anyone who wants to know I'll be back in 1 week

  3. JUST SO ANYONE who wants to know knows, I won't be online for 1-3 weeks due to college and other work, hope you all have wonderful days and nights c:

  4. Can't wait till Altaria/Celebi/Typhlosion/Sceptile/Swampert are implemented

  5. I think I'm going to collect all the comps I want then I'll money grind/shiny hunt/comp battle

  6. lol I have 99 likes on my profile xD

  7. ditto hunting/breeding perish trapper gengars/jynxs/e-punch abras...all with 31 speed and 31 spatk

  8. Breeding mareeps ewe *wanting a shiny one

  9. I would love to see the seals for the pokeballs implemented :D <3  
  10. I wonder if there are people around my age here to talk to, I'm almost 22

  11. WOOT I got an awesome minun :D

  12. No one has a godly minun to sell to me TnT

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    2. Ryuken777


      yah that's why i quit psychology in uni cause finding a job in psych is difficult and id be in huge debt so now im in tool & die in college asically i make parts for anything, ariplanes/cars/gun/fridges/armour/swords,etc

    3. kloneman


      Well if I ever need my airplane fixing, I'll let you know lol.

    4. Ryuken777
  13. Furret is hot :D I wonder how you get trick on furret :I

  14. CURRENTLY breeding outrage horseas till I get a "perfect" one and a shiny one . _ . i'll probably be breeding them for quite a long time even with donater status

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