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  1. Thank you guys for the comments, I really appreciate it..
  2. Hi Guys, Just playing the game for 2 weeks and trying to understand the basics to understand if a cathced pokemon is good enough to rely on. I am initially interested in water pokemons and I didn't have yet a plan for a good team. After some efforts with super pod, I catched the below Staryu, do you think it is good enough for a start ? Thanks in advance. - Naive, Natural Cure HP: 30, At: 22, Def: 28, S. Atk: 5, S.Def: 30, Spe:28 So from Naive, I get the speed bonus but I guess I lose around 10-12 S.def. And from low S.Atk IV, I think I lose around 13 S.atk (I might be wrong about calculations). In overall, just a few points missing in the Speed, but losing large number of stats from S.Atk & S.Def. So do you think this is a good Staryu, meaning future Starmie ? Thanks in advance for your comments.
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