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  1. Guess whos back? Im back again, hello my friend, its time I start to win. I will reign down from the heavens above with my guns blowing away everything in my way. I love you. I hope you can recall whom this is. 

  2. Reminder to play touhou puppet dance performance
  3. *smacks u upside the head*

    1. FrankIero


      *takes it like a lil uguu*

      wats up sushi

  4. hey look http://pastebin.com/jFUh4J1w . lets all make fun of marley now ok??

  5. 571 337 1294

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Munya


      nor do I use that anymore.

    3. fredrichnietze


      still tracable (i tested)

    4. Munya


      You could probably trace it to a general area, not me, as when you get a textfree number you don't put in an address or anything, or get a landline.

  6. What happen to you. You use to be cool.

  7. hey buddy

    1. freindlessindividual


      oh, hey there! would you like to be my friend, Safushio? :3

    2. freindlessindividual


      i-it's okay i-if you dont ;__;

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