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  1. When I became too lazy to get in-game every once in a while
  2. They are not identical. They are different species. Volbeat has higher physical attack while Illumise has higher special attack.
  3. Upgrading to Windows 10 when my graphics card is unsupported on Windows 10 was probably my biggest mistake. [spoiler]Aside from playing PokeMMO that is ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)[/spoiler]
  4. Should be able to get back to MMO on Tuesday or Wednesday \o/

  5. That moment when you post friendly advice and it gets deleted, yet the obvious troll who posted earlier has their post stay...

    1. Inarin


      /me gibs "advice" ;3

  6. I think that the devs are trying too hard to fix the economy with new money sinks. While yes, they will help the economy, too many will only hurt it. Last I was in-game (A month or two ago), the economy seemed fairly stable as it was (I could be wrong). Increasing the base cost of using the day care is fine, but I say leave the price per level as is. (1k to 10k for them to hold a pokemon and then an additional 100 per level)
  7. I'm loving that Meowth sprite o3o [spoiler]I can see my Meowth getting some payday usage in the future...[/spoiler]
  8. Asakano


    This thread is going on four years old...
  9. Could make it available only in towns almost as an "Online Banking" deal where you have to have a "Connection" to access it. This could also be extended to making a sale or purchase if need be.
  10. Maybe a toggled option to remove on PC deposit
  11. We can't help it. There's always the chance of getting something amazing out of a mystery box! Like lava cookies!
  12. Asakano


    This could also help the economy out with "Renting" Pokemon becoming a viable service
  13. They could release an ips patch for Fire Red or Emerald, which could remake Johto without the need to distribute a rom
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