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  1. i guess you can lock/trash the old one then since its outdated and the maker is rip or something
  2. I'd slice my gums, get struck by fucking lightning twice at once

  3. so considering there were alot of people at the tourny today, can we get a test 64 man tourny? preferably asap before people stop playing again
  4. how about a noob section kinda with lesser prizes (veteran players may still join but you know)
  5. one does not simply buy 1 chair for 1 big ass table, also if the black flute works i guess its not that bad to grind it but no one knows if it works
  6. it costs like 8000 ashes for the desk and 6000 for the chair, you cant repel collect ashes so yea isnt it a bit to high?
  7. im taking it from a new players perspective, i quitted comp/the game a while ago, just came back to play the story and gave away all my comps to randoms. js wurmple? not a hoenn shiny i guess, tailow not a hoenn shiny i guess wingull not a hoenn shiny i guess. it doesnt have to be a great price, just a hoenn shiny to promote it atleast the game is already terrible as it is, atleast make it a little tiny bit more exciting
  8. yea now that you said it, seems a great price actually [spoiler] >grind money >catch a good pokemon >breed it >grind battlepoints >ev it >repeat atleast x5 >have a chance at a tourny >have a chance at a shiny snubbul wich you will most likely not win sounds so exciting for new players im sure they are all waiting to start playing comp[/spoiler]
  9. >not promoting competitive play with hoenn shinys now that hoenn is implemented and new/old people came
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