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  1. This is a great breeding service always get what’s promised and pretty much no wait time from the point of order. 100% using this again in the future highly recommend to anyone who needs comps!
  2. Got the timburr and again thanks for making all the ivs higher than I asked for!! xD
  3. Thank you I’ll send you the money in just a bit!!
  4. Oh crap yes I’m sorry it’s 31/31/25/x/25/x my bad
  5. Thank you for making the 27 Ivs all higher than 27 much appreciated and sorry I forgot because I didn’t know if you’d do it can I still have the conkeldurr? It was adamant or brave 31/31/25/x/31/x with Mach punch I’ll pay you 300k ill send you the cash once you confirm it thank you!!
  6. Oh sorry didn’t know I’ll mail you soon before noon thanks buddy :D
  7. Yo can you breed me an adamant scizor or scyther 31/31/27/x/27/27 ill pay 450k
  8. Yo I appreciate all of you that gave me some breeding tips they were all helpful but for the people who just tossed aside my main point and said let’s just make the game 1/10 Shiny rate and everything 31 comp that’s not what I said lol. All I said was that breeding seems like waaayyy to much of an important aspect to this game that takes up a huge part of many players time and this is an MMO that would be a lot more fun if we had other things to do besides it. I’m cool with the current shiny rate lol I’m even cool with breeding I’m just saying that maybe a few tweaks to make breeding to be more simple and add in some other things to make the game as fun and interactive as it used to be like in the lucky egg days, that’s all. Again no disrespect to the developers I’m sure they’re working hard on something as we speak this is just some frustration I’m typing at this point lol sorry and thanks if you took the time to actually read all my posts...
  9. true, true, but again it's not so much about having a perfect comp I just wish that we substituted bredding comps with something more lively and fun to focus on in game. It would make comp play easier and maybe make the rest of the mmo more fun... but i understand that a lot of people might also enjoy breeding and what it has done for the game so maybe it's just me that has this complaint. My main issue here is breeding in general lol
  10. My bad that might be an exaggeration, but i'm just saying that breeding seems to be taking up alot of time and money in general and I wish it wasn't such a dictating part of the game.
  11. Hi, i'm not sure if this is already a subject but I just wanted to make a suggestion about iv's and nature for competitive Pokemon. I feel like having to pay $1 million just to get and adamant 5x31 scizor is just too much time, money and waste because all we use it for is to play competitive against other players. Not disrespecting the game developers or any comp players, i'm just saying that I wish we could either breed pokemon and not lose the parents so that we could easily get natured and fully IV'd comps and have them to play competitive battles. If not breeding, then maybe have like an in-game npc that can make your caught pokemon into comps? like pay 25k for a nature change, and maybe another 50k for IV changes to 30/31 in each stat. I know that alot of people breed comps and sell them for profit, but I just think that this MMO would be a lot more fun if we could make profits off of other things like shinies, and rare items, and hopefully other things like that which I haven't imagined but i'm sure the developer have! Basically I just wish that getting the pokemon to actually play competitive was easy as cake, and everyone, rich or poor, could easily get any comps they want. This would probably make a lot more people want to play as well, since it would be a lot easier to achieve getting the pokes themselves. Of course i'm aware there is still balancing issues, but like i said, maybe add in some new items that people would want to collect and trade in place of comp breeding. Back in the day people used to love lucky egg hunting and that was a really fun way of item trading. Also, a very very very long time ago, we couldn't breed, and I know that probably sucked a lot for players that liked competitive, but I actually loved those days because if you wanted a Timid ghastly with 31 speed and 27 sp attack, you would have to go to lavender ghost town and keep catching ghastly until you found one. I know that there were many issues with comp play back then and I am grateful that we can have better comp battles these days, but sometimes I do miss that other aspect to the game where everything had to be hunted and things were alot more difficult to obtain, I think it made the economy better and more fun. The collecting and trading aspect of the game was alot better to me back then, even though the comp play back then was probably trash, so again, no disrespect to anyone who loves comp here. But since we've reached the stage that we are currently at in this game, maybe we can hope to see that comp pokes become super easy to obtain and anyone and their mommas can play comp, and that way we can substitute it with something more fun like hunting for lucky eggs/"special pokes"/"special items"/ anything else that the community can imagine and hopefully even manifest. IDK if i'm asking for too much here but I would love to see this happen some time soon, and again no disrespect to the developers, this is a great game and I plan on continuing to play lol. This is just my input on how the game could be made better. So that's basically all I have to say, sorry if i rambled, any ideas or complaints or thoughts??
  12. nvm lol looks like my computer just slow, the new update has too much sauce. fixed...
  13. Hey guys, so every time i fly/walk/go to a new town or even room or place the screen goes black. the music still plays and i can see the chat and click on icons fine but the screen itself will go blac. is this a problem on my end with my computer or is it the new update. BTW this didnt happen prior to the update. thanks
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