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  1. are you just asking because you need an flying hm slave? if so you could always get a fly ocarina. but yea in general there are some weird things in the pokemon games in general. like how gyarados is a flying type i still ask to this day.
  2. cool thank you guys for the responses
  3. Hey I just got a new laptop and started playing this game again. the last time i played was the halloween event and I saved up some white and black plague masks because they looked sweet and they were limited to the halloween event. I just wanted to know what the current values are for each color and if you guys think the values are gonna go up even more. I remember the flaming skull masks used to be like 1m and now they are like 80-100m. Also on a side note is this fair? I'm just asking because it seems like vanity items can be worth as much as a shiny charizard and people can farm them by paying money to the game. Not trying to call out the game developers this is an awesome game but is this something that anyone has talked about before? the ridiculous amount of value that certain vanity items have i mean.
  4. Theet

    Value Advice

    I see. Thanks buddy :)
  5. Theet

    Value Advice

    does anyone know the value of shiny unown roughly?
  6. it's not a banned strategy it's just that there are strategies to beat the gyms way faster. My favorite is a rain team pelipper kingdra ludicolo all have surf and then maybe one more sweeper. Some people also like to use torkoal and typhlosion with eruption and i think you can do tyranitar or hippowdown with excadrill sand rush and earthquake. These would all be faster ways of defeating the gyms than the destiny bond strategy. but no to answer the main question it's not banned just that there are better and faster ways to beat the gyms. especially now that amulet coin is consumable and it runs out after one hour.
  7. Theet

    Hello Kyu, 


    I wanted to make a request to to get my character back. I made a few extra accounts and I was trying to delete those and my mind slipped and I accidentally deleted my main character. I dont care if you cant recreate those other characters but i really want to have my main character back. I have like more than a 1000 hours or maybe even 2000 and its the character ive had since 2012 or 13. The name of the character is Theet. I know you guys don't usually do this but please please please can i get this one character back? Ive been playing this game forever and he was my main character that ive always played with. Thanks and I hope you'll consider my request. also i didn't get banned or anything I just made a reallly silly mistake. anyways thanks again, and have a nice day. 

  8. Hi I hav a question about characters if I delete one can I get that same character back or is he gone permanently?
  9. Yea it’s not supposed to be super easy but a baton pass team with bulky strong hitters is probably the fastest way to win quickly and stack up money and BP. But it’s definitely still gonna take some time. There’s a guide on the forums too I think on beating the E4 and it tells you what teams they all have in each region.
  10. That’s lit thank you very much for letting me know about this xD
  11. Hi, does anyone know how much the payout is for beating the elite 4 now once they all reach lvl 100s? I don’t know if the values for that changed since the amulet coin update since it’s consumable and gives +50% money now
  12. I was just wondering why training, breeding, and getting movesets on Pokémon in th game is super tedious. Half of the hidden abilities aren’t there, we’re missing a lot of comp Pokemon, it costs a lot to breed and it is also very time consuming, and we have to spend a lot of money for stuff like moves and time for training them up to lvl 100. And then for some reason rare items like lucky eggs are now completely dropped in value. So it almost seems like competitive stuff should be way easier to do so that everyone can play comp while stuff like rare items should be tough to obtain so that there remains some hunting aspect to the game. But instead it’s the other way around where trying and breeding is super tedious and finding an item like a lucky egg is apparently simple. Am I the only one that thinks this game is starting to go backwards instead of forwards or am I just being impatient and need to wait it out a little longer?
  13. This is a great breeding service always get what’s promised and pretty much no wait time from the point of order. 100% using this again in the future highly recommend to anyone who needs comps!
  14. Got the timburr and again thanks for making all the ivs higher than I asked for!! xD
  15. Thank you I’ll send you the money in just a bit!!
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