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  1. Or they could rotate where the hordes occur. Meaning that you have a short time to hunt each specific location. Obviously they should only do this for relatively common shinies, but would give you multiple locations where you can hunt hordes without really devaluing the more common shinies that would appear. For example they could remove Grow/Pix/spheal/sableye hordes and replace them with others. Thus never really destroying the value of any pokemon.
  2. So thought I'd try this shiny hunting thing... @Parke get rekd
  3. Np it's in the mail Sent to Bostonh
  4. Upgrade to one of these Problem solved. Nom sayin?
  5. Forever mirin your work. New request. Shiny Hitmonchan sig. I'll leave how you do the rest to you. Could you add our team badge to the bottom though? Donation 100k
  6. LOL not far off. Hope it was male. Vulpix must be next. #foreverwithoutgrowlithe
  7. RIP all shinies with that logic lol I was just saying yesterday in team chat that the only way a new lapras would show up is through breeding. I bet it turns up with some random rmt in a month. Traded for 15mill they'll say
  8. First lapras since 2013 if it's new. Lucky fucker who ever bred that (It's not mine)
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