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  1. Some excessive but not essential features can cost gift shop points? More money for Devs?   Not anything pay to win though.   Pay to win is bad.   baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.
  2. Team related content is fucking golden for any MMO as teams/clans/squads/etc. are what makes loyal players and makes them stuck to the game, having fun with other humans interactively.   Do this  Do this Do this *chants*
  3. Coming from a viable, coherent source. All the better.
  4. I think Secret Bases in the same place should have a seperate instance for seperate teams.   Nice idea DoubleJJ.
  5. Text: Statius (Ampharos color)   Animated text?: Yes   Character/Pokemon/Whatever: This exact render:  [spoiler][/spoiler]   Background: Blue lightning something like this: [spoiler][/spoiler]
  6. I can't freakin' wait these things are sexy ploooog.
  7. Text: [CiX] Statius Animated text?: Yes. Character/Pokemon/Whatever: Please use this exact picture.[spoiler][/spoiler] Background: Use something that looks amazing with this or just use whats given above. Anything else?: Make it look bad ass, I know you can do it Ploooooooooog!
  8. Yeh that would be an issue, and its duel wtf murican' noob.  :)
  9. We the people of VVVV deny Goldeneyes' page king request of page #73 due to double post. This court is now dismissed.
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