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  1. Don't know if you remember me but I am still using that picture you drew for me...im unable to play on rockerjoshua just might get back into it...have to make a different account hope your doing good old friend 

  2. How do the PvE prizes have any effect on the PvP prizes? I don't see how giving the same prize is a problem, at all. Aren't these gift Pokemon we're talking about? Who cares. Give the PvE people the same prizes. Literally no reason not to--besides selfish PvP players feeling entitled to better things than people who don't play PvP, which is ridiculous. If you have a problem with fair PvE prizes and you play PvP, enter the PvE events and win yourself.
  3. Closest thing to art I've done since I posted last was the rough of my entry for Munya's upcoming contest. It's undeveloped and not any good. Not feeling so good recently.
  4. Your artwork is rad as hell. Nice to officially meet you. c:
  5. Fera


    Nice to meet you, Zaid. Cool name. c: Welcome to the forums!
  6. Could you draw me an espeon, please? c:
  7. FACE she's missing an ear, lmao But just think, 48 hours ago she didn't even have one ear, or a normal neck. Hair. the majesty
  8. About as lewd as a pair of pants. maybe a little more than that just a little here have some progress
  9. Hair is slightly less overrated now i draw my avatar too much, I should stop. i forgot to erase the legs under the dress, oops. i actually forgot to erase a lot of things, but it's not done, so w/e
  10. i don't like it because i require a dedicated space on my profile to talk about how amazing i am how dare you try to make it an ugly shop waaaah Seriously though, this is a neat idea. That said, we already have the trade corner, and a thread allows for a lot more room (multiple posts.) I don't think that those with a lot to trade could make do just with something set up in their profile, unless there's a way for staff to set up a dedicated shop section in profiles. I doubt they can do that tho. Keep in mind you can always make a pretty thread in the trade corner and add a link in your signature.
  11. ART Creativity is hard right now. Edit: hair is overrated.
  12. Hey, awesome. c: I didn't think I'd place! Congrats to Buritoboi for first! Edit: Images are fixed!
  13. At first glance, I thought this was my character, lol. Nice work. c:
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