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  1. remember when the mods killed the best part of this game

  2. i speak the language of the people ask myself this daily miss u bb
  3. my first act as presiding mayor is to bring back Off-Topic, effective immediately edit: also pictures of you threads
  4. this one costs extra for making me be creative kinda
  5. im here for a good time not a long time insta ignored jk give me time
  6. i haven't drawn in like a year and my mouse sucks so i am very proud of my walrein
  7. alright i have a few boring days coming up submit requests below i may choose to ignore them for no reason whatsoever
  8. what if i told you they took the best part of the forums away though
  9. i still stop by to haunt the graves of our other fallen friends
  10. Orangeslash


    oh snap, welcome back
  11. the glory days have came and gone my friend
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