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  1. This is not how people usually do it, but I belive that you should charge a standart price for a amount of exp. Because pokemon have different amouts of exp needed to reach a certain level. That way, you can check in game how much xp the pokemon has and how much it needs to lvl 100, then charge based on that. Based on how much other people charge in this forum, I think a good price would be 157 $ per experience. That way, you would charge 148k to lvl up a pokemon from the medium fast category from lvl 50 all the way to 100, for exemple. Which sounds like a fair price This table might help you: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Experience#Experience_at_each_level
  2. IGN: Dedinovsk Country: Brazil Tiers: OU, UU, NU, LC.
  3. Got 3 pokemon EV trained and lvl'd up from 1 to 100 in under 5 days! Thanks alot for the service o/ Definetively will be ordering more in the future
  4. I see you didn't find it in hordes hun. Anyone did?
  5. hey where can I find this chinese forum?
  6. anyone checked vullabys?
  7. Anyone knows the mathmatics behind harvesting a berry to get a type of seed? I would love if there was any guide that shows this
  8. had the same problem as the op. After a while I logged in, downloaded the update again and it worked just fine
  9. It seems fixed to me. No problem playing at all
  10. I needed it to OT the pokedex XD
  11. no item found on exeggcutes. almost 3 hours. Over 30 Chanseys fled, I lost count around 20...
  12. Are the chances of a Meowth or a Persian to be holding an amulet coin equal? Is it all the same chance in every place you can find them? Trying to figure out the best way to farm them
  13. I wish they could tell us the odds of getting each type of seed when harvesting each type of berry zzz
  14. Nick: Dedinvosk In case anyone doesn't show up, I can fill in. / Caso alguém não apareça, eu posso substituir
  15. You can try Pilloswine hordes in Giant Chasm. The give more than 6k too (around 6.2k), but they are kinda hard to kill. 100% encounter rate. It is after the cave, in the first grass on the left (don't remember if it is normal or dark grass) You'll need 1 repel for each time you go, to pass the cave
  16. Oh this is actually an issue. So someone can just sell the same product for different values and take full controll of the first pages on the GTL? They are not obrigated to sell 1 pack of a certain quantity of the product all for the same price? That needs to change before more people start to abuse of that for every product.
  17. What is the lvl on your pick up pokemon?
  18. I think I'm "bugged" Once you go to 1 island with Bill and talk to Bill and Celio, you have to waste time so you talk to then again and go to Cinabar with Bill, and then go to one island again talk to Celio. But before I left one island with bill to Cinabar, I got the ruby and also defeated the Rockets at 4 island, to get the waterfall. So when I visited the one Island again, I was going to talk to Celio and he only got the ruby from me, He didn't say nothing else before that. Then he gave me that think to go to all the islands. But I was in the all the other islands before. I alredy defeated all the Rokets of al the islands, visited the werehouse and got the fist password. So since I have done all this, I can't do it again, and that guy still in from of that cave with braile things in it. I can't go through the door... Can someone help me or report this glitch? *edit I also did that quest of rescue that little girl from that Hypno and defeated the Elite 4
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