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  1. Got 3 pokemon EV trained and lvl'd up from 1 to 100 in under 5 days! Thanks alot for the service o/ Definetively will be ordering more in the future
  2. I see you didn't find it in hordes hun. Anyone did?
  3. hey where can I find this chinese forum?
  4. anyone checked vullabys?
  5. Anyone knows the mathmatics behind harvesting a berry to get a type of seed? I would love if there was any guide that shows this
  6. had the same problem as the op. After a while I logged in, downloaded the update again and it worked just fine
  7. It seems fixed to me. No problem playing at all
  8. I needed it to OT the pokedex XD
  9. no item found on exeggcutes. almost 3 hours. Over 30 Chanseys fled, I lost count around 20...
  10. Are the chances of a Meowth or a Persian to be holding an amulet coin equal? Is it all the same chance in every place you can find them? Trying to figure out the best way to farm them
  11. I wish they could tell us the odds of getting each type of seed when harvesting each type of berry zzz
  12. You can try Pilloswine hordes in Giant Chasm. The give more than 6k too (around 6.2k), but they are kinda hard to kill. 100% encounter rate. It is after the cave, in the first grass on the left (don't remember if it is normal or dark grass) You'll need 1 repel for each time you go, to pass the cave
  13. Oh this is actually an issue. So someone can just sell the same product for different values and take full controll of the first pages on the GTL? They are not obrigated to sell 1 pack of a certain quantity of the product all for the same price? That needs to change before more people start to abuse of that for every product.
  14. What is the lvl on your pick up pokemon?
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