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  1. must be update hype

  2. Proposed Temporary Update Tiers Discussion

    Can Mantine get roost in gen5?
  3. Template #1 name: Makarovs team: AURA render: gengar stain color: your choice donation: 100k(tell me your ign)
  4. PokeMMO World Cup - Feedback Thread

    hueheuehuehuehue maybe not this time
  5. PokeMMO World Cup - Feedback Thread

    Sorry about that. But you know, world cups are just so easy for Brazil ;)
  6. [Sig] Nyas' Motion Text Sigs

    Choice of two colors: black and green Name: Makarov Team (Optional): AURA Render: Ursaring
  7. Upgrade our team system

    1. There will be some people who can say "We accepts just elite people" so +10 members just shows low quality, thats not acceptable. Like I said, All I've listed was just examples. Do not care about the numbers, what I wanted to show here was the idea 3. Also adding alts, every person with 2 alts, 50 people can fix whole team with just 1 account. Again, its just random numbers. 4. " hahahaha well, that shiny buff was funny " Also, shiny buff, staffs don't wanna make shinies more worthless in my opinion. Because there is nothing else in this game worths more now. We already have 7 days, 15 days and 30 days buffs for +10% shiny rate, I can not see where a one-hour buff will mess this up so much .
  8. Upgrade our team system

    In a long time the PokeMMO teams are just tags behind your nick and a group chat for some players, so I'd like to show you a different idea (I do not know if anyone has ever suggested anything like that). In an MMO I played once, there was an interesting team system in which I was able to raise my team level. As well? Well, players could do certain quests in which the team would gain experience and thus, level up. But what is the difference between a level 1 team and a level 2? A few more things that can be done in the team, from number of members, to the possibility of participating in a certain event (for example the team tournament we have here). I will cite here some examples of things that can be added next to this system: (Remembering that these are just examples, does not have to be exactly the way I listed them) - Level 1: It would be like our team is today, but with less capacity of members (50 maybe), and only 3 ranks (Boss, Member, Grunt). - Level 2: + 10 in total member capacity, + 1 rank (officer). - Level 3: +10 in Member capacity - Level 4: +10 in Member capacity - Level 5: +10 in the ability of Members and Permission to participate in Team Tournament. - Level 6: +10 in Member capacity - Level 7: +10 in Member capacity, + 1 rank (commander). ... Level 10: Unlock team box. ... Level 13: +10 in Membership capacity, + 1 rank (Executive). .. Level 15: Unlock Team bag (for items and money) And several other things like team secret base and even permission to create tournaments like the ingame system. Another thing I remember from this other game system are the buffs, yes, with the money from the team vault, there were buffs that were purchased with a limited duration for everyone. For example, it is as if the team paid 100k to have 25% xp more in battles for 1 hour, or up to 100k to have a 10% chance of finding a shiny one for 1 hour. But of course, it is not any team that would have access to these buffs, it would be something only released for teams with enough level. -Level 30 (max): Released buffs. To prevent some players from entering the team only to have access to the buff, it is easy to solve: when a player enters the team, he can not be promoted from grunt to another rank for a week, where the grunts will not have access to the buff. Well, I know this is something difficult to implement, and not everyone will like the idea, but I wanted to share this idea with you. We are stuck in an eternal grind to get something and this is tiring. So perhaps bringing more in-game content to teams (currently we only have the TT) can improve the situation. Thanks for reading here, leave your feedback about Team level, buff system or if you thought of anything better.

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