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  1. UU PoseidonWrath vs makarovmaster Friday 17:00 gmt-3 DUBS TheDH vs Shentiger Wednesday 17:00 gmt-3 LC Samehada vs Boyscap Wednesday 18:00 gmt-3
  2. SMOU Dedinovsk vs branYT Saturday 18:00 GMT-3
  3. OU Elvesss vs DiositoSlurpuff Saturday 16:00 GMT-3 UU JhowCrazy vs Azzazz Friday 19:00 GMT-3 NU Risadex vs Personajexxx LC Boyscap vs CuervoSabio Wednesday 22:00 GMT-3 DUBS Shentiger vs GasaiYunoSan Tuesday 17:00 GMT-3 SMOU Dedinovsk vs branYT
  4. IGN: makarovmaster Country: Brazil Tiers: OU UU NU LC GEN7OU Discord: Mak#0136
  5. There is an evasion clause for a reason, abilities should not be an exception.
  6. Team name: ggaqui Registered players: makarovmaster, Deadwind
  7. Team Name:Brasil Team Tag:[BR] Registered Players: makarovmaster, JhowCrazy, Deadwind, Shentiger, Boyscap, RickAlvares, BloodyPunisher, ByakuyaXl, Feitpet. Team Captain: makarovmaster
  8. 15-20 mins according to the system message.
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