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  1. Yeah, so people like you that love using 6 wall all time could waste even more others time.
  2. OU stealing our poor UU mons one by one 😞
  3. Team Tag: [BR] Team Name: Brasil Registered Players: makarovmaster, Deadwind, Elvessss, Shentiger, Jhowteon, Rafapallet, Alerqs, ByakuyaXl, BiondiOito, Shiforinfulas, xYugin, joaogrilo, Kaarnaa, Belegado, Sintatic, Boyscap, Polarizedd, SHERFIN. Team Captain: makarovmaster
  4. I remember selling some of these for something like 30-40k once the event ended
  5. I'm not getting into the discussion of whether a nerf is good or bad. What I said was that when the nerf happened, it affected formats that had nothing to do with overused, like Doubles and PVE. Asking for a ban/nerf from dugtrio on neverused doesn't mean he's ok in other tiers, it's just the tier he's in at the moment, and where players see problems the most.
  6. its not. But last time you tried to nerf something (SD garchomp) where the problem was clearly in OU, it was also removed from doubles and PVE. So, to save work arguing about other tiers, we just need to focus on one since if a possible nerf happens, it will affect everything else.
  7. OU1: Stelian vs SHERFIN Tomorrow 21:00 GMT+2
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