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  1. Spearow 325k Rhyhorn Male - Naive (31/31/30/19/30/31) 325k
  2. Team Name: Brasil Team Tag: BR Registered Players: makarovmaster, JhowCrazy, Deadwind, jwsmend, LelouchZeroo, Shiforinfulas, RickAlvares, Shentiger, Daniellegal, ByakuyaXl,Feitpet, tacamura, Alerqs, Dedinovsk. Team Captain: makarovmaster
  3. 1) Gen 5 mons with gen 7 mechanics and learnset(ex:flygon can learn dragon dance etc). Im not sure about pve, but Volt Switch and Uturn works in pvp battles. 2) Yes. breeding 2 shinies have a 100% chance to hatch a shiny( actually you can only breed a shiny pokemon with another shiny). 4)No. Stealth Rocks is'nt an egg move, spikes is.
  4. Spearow Male - Lonely (31/14/31/31/31/31) 200k
  5. Breeding a pokemon with a low chance of being a female costs more than usual. The cost of choosing a pokemon's gender in daycare depends on the natural odds each pokemon has. Ex Rattata: 50% Male / 50% Female, costs 5k to choose from both genres. Charmander: 87.5% Male / 12.5% Female, costs 5k to choose male, and 21k for female.
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