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  1. Aye!! so much skill involved
  2. Makarovs

    About PVP

    Yeah, very simple.
  3. I used this team in a 128UU finals some days ago, and got destroyed by a brick break Metagross xd(if you didnt know, this move break screens). Its a very good team not gonna lie, but idk if deserve a ban or something like that.
  4. Won't the prizes reset in 12 days? I think I have some hope of getting the hat so if it really is 3 months.
  5. I guess i understand now why devs dont like give us ETA. Ppl just go crazy if things dont go as expected.
  6. I don't think ROM is the problem, we now have a non-pvp item that doesn’t exist in the rom (Lucky egg small) and as you said, we had choice itens and life orb before, just with different names. Tbh i expected some itens to be added already long time ago (assault vest, etc), just with different name and a random icon.
  7. UU PoseidonWrath vs makarovmaster Friday 17:00 gmt-3 DUBS TheDH vs Shentiger Wednesday 17:00 gmt-3 LC Samehada vs Boyscap Wednesday 18:00 gmt-3
  8. SMOU Dedinovsk vs branYT Saturday 18:00 GMT-3
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