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  1. No need doesn't mean it wouldn't be interesting to have. As an example, these are some "medals" you can get in CS: GO: Untradeable, therefore, without any market value. But for some players who really enjoy the game, a recognition signal like this may be worth more than any "shiny" or "labcoat". ( These medals would look amazing on a possible public trainer card, don't you think? ) Anyway, as a 2012 player, I think the devs should explore this.
  2. I did a topic like this a few years ago, by the answer, they already had a discussion about something like that, although their priorities are different (sinnoh / dungeons). Maybe one day.
  3. To complement what Bestfriends said, use Tepig instead of Scraggy, you can buy them cheap on gtl with Head Smash (lvl 40).
  4. A little off topic but there are some unique staff cosmetics that I believe to be untradeable:
  5. He said that because you can watch the "REplay" before tournament ends.
  6. that's all you'll find in this forum unfortunately
  7. Exclusive to players who were at the event, and beat the boss. Sound better to you now?
  8. No. Someone made this suggestion a few days ago, but I don't know what devs think about it.
  9. you need a pts client to play
  10. Since the first day the team preview was launched we have had many bugs reported, but some staff said they could only fix it in a future update. I only mentioned team preview because I didn't see anything mentioned in the update notes.
  11. Fixed many other UI-related issues i just hope all the team preview bugs are included.
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