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  1. He said that because you can watch the "REplay" before tournament ends.
  2. that's all you'll find in this forum unfortunately
  3. Exclusive to players who were at the event, and beat the boss. Sound better to you now?
  4. No. Someone made this suggestion a few days ago, but I don't know what devs think about it.
  5. you need a pts client to play
  6. Since the first day the team preview was launched we have had many bugs reported, but some staff said they could only fix it in a future update. I only mentioned team preview because I didn't see anything mentioned in the update notes.
  7. Fixed many other UI-related issues i just hope all the team preview bugs are included.
  8. whats coming next?
  9. Name: makarovmaster Team Tag: Team YggBrazil Character(s)/Pokemon(s): Render (Optional): golden crown(if possible) Theme Colors: black Type of Artwork: banner Animated?: yes Donation:300K Additional information: add "boss" to the rank pls
  10. I just released them all Yeah, You can go from 1x to 5x using paras. Just make sure you scyther is aways female.
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