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  1. Global Driver on Pokemon Showdown now to my amazement. Hopefully I can get back into PokeMMO when I have free time though.

  2. Probably won't play PokeMMO till the new region gets released. However, if you wish to find me to chat/or whatever for whatever reason, you can find me on Pokemon Showdown in the Meteor Falls chat room under the name "HYDRO IMPACT" ~Been a fun ride, but it's never the end of the journey.

  3.   Got Charmander, good enough for me <3 7.5/10
  4.   Certainly gave a whole new look to Espurr XD I'd rate 9.5
  5. Yes!!! 515 Species recorded!!! Almost there :DDD

  6.   Well if I'm honest, I love the way the colors are in tune with each other and make an excellent array of colors, and the render is very fitting for signature itself, one tiny thing that does get me a little is the text may be too bright, just my opinion but definitely 9/10!! :D
  7.   Well thank you very much =3 Extremely pleased to hear that :) And the background, well don't even ask lol
  8. I just made this, and yeah I know about the animation but I can't slow it down too much otherwise it messes up. So feedback or anything? :)  
  9.   Ah nice :) By the way if you want the animation to run smoothly, then convert the animation to video timeline and save it then :P Even so though I'd rate 8.5.
  10.   Did you make it using Photoshop by any chance?
  11. Does Lilleep Get Seed Bomb and Curse through breeding if it can? or is it just curse?

    1. hydroimpact


      Yeah Seed bomb and Curse come through breeding, Curse can come through a Tirtouga but Seed bomb I'm not so sure about

    2. ShinyHaxorus


      I can get both from exeggutor i think

    3. ShinyHaxorus


      it cant crap >.<

  12. I started over and i got myself a good Impish Lileep. Should i run a stockpile lileep or a curse lileep?

    1. hydroimpact


      Erm, I'd probably say a Curse Lileep since you're getting an Offensive and Defensive boost

  13. Shame i can't get perfect iv dittos from those safaris :(

    1. hydroimpact


      Dang, sorry to hear that man, at the moment I'm just using the everstone method for a good nature and randomly seeing what the IV's are instead of the Destiny knot method. In fairness I got a dang good Adamant Kangaskhan from doing it

  14. Almost 500 Species recorded on the Poke'dex, even I didn't think it would take this long to complete Pokemon X/Y.

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