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  1. Artisan Cave: 200 encounters Meowth Pick-up Potions: Hyper Potion 4x Repels: Max Repel 1x Balls: Ultra Ball 5x Berries/Seeds: - Other: Energy Root 10x, Silk Scarf 2x Trainer Pick-Up Potions: Super Potion 2x Repels: Super Repel 4x Balls: Great Ball 3x Berry Forest: 300 encounters Meowth Pick-up Potions: - Repels: - Balls: - Berries/Seeds: Cheri Berry 2x, Oran Berry 1x, Pinap Berry 1x, Razz Berry 1x, Rawst Berry 3x, Wepear Berry 1x Other: Miracle Seed 5x, Leaf Stone 2x, Leftovers 3x, Revival Herb 9x, Sun Stone 8x Trainer Pick-Up Potions: Potion 3x, Super Potion 2x Repels: Repel 2x, Super Repel 5x Balls: Pokeball 1x, Great Ball 1x Others: Revival Herb 4x
  2.       I bet I got luck because I disagreed before with Kaynine, haha. Life is ironic as hell.
  3. Lost Cave   161 encounters   Potions: Hyper Potion 3x Repels: Max Repel 3x Balls: Ultra Ball 1x Berries: - Other: Silk Scarf 7x
  4.   Location: Lost Cave Encounters/hour: 161 Silk Scarf: 7x Profit/hour: $280.000 + $29.540 (PayDay) = $309.540 = $310.000 rounded up   I used Pay Day and Bite, so I killed 61 more Pokémon and consequently got more profit.    I guess it makes a huge difference, then.  :blink:
  5.   I used Taunt first, then Odor Sleuth, and finally Pay Day against Gastly/Haunter.    My method got 100 encounters, while Liquid Frost got 112. I got 4x Silk Scarf with 100 encounters, Liquid Frost got 2x with 112 encounters, you got 4x with 100+ encounters. Encountering 10% more Pokémon doesn't make a huge difference in the end. The chance to drop 1x Silk Scarf in the 10% is small and doesn't guarantee that the player will get it and compensate the profit the player would get with PayDay. If the player has a bad luck and get just one Silk Scarf, at least the Pay Day profits $40000.   My intention is not to show that my method is better or not, because everyone has your own method. Not everyone uses Meowth to Pick Up and even less people would have the patience to breed one with Odor Sleuth. But I think is good to know that there are alternatives and they can be profitable aswell. Edit: Btw, the price of Silk Scarf is dropping in GTL. :(
  6. Lost Cave   200 encounters   Potions: Hyper Potion 2x, Super Potion 4x Repels: Max Repel 2x, Super Repel 3x Balls: Ultra Ball 1x, Great Ball 2x Berries: - Other: Silk Scarf 5x, Spell Tag 4x   I know we have enough data of Lost Cave, but I was farming Silk Scarf and couldn't resist to register the loot.
  7. I was planning to do Silk Scarf farming, but you were faster, lol.   First farming   Location: Lost Cave Encounters/hour: 100 Silk Scarf: 1x Profit/hour: $40000   In this first run I was using Meowth with Pay Day and Odor Sleuth with support of a Smeargle with Own Tempo and Spore. When Gastly/Haunter used Confuse Ray I had to do switches, so the whole process was really time-consuming. I forgot to register the profit with Pay Day in this first run.   In the last 10 min I had the idea to use Taunt, so I could avoid switching to Smeargle and switching back to Meowth.   Second farming   Location: Lost Cave Encounters/hour: 100 Silk Scarf; 4x Profit/hour: $160000 (Silk Scarf) + $39870 (Pay Day) = $199870 = $200000 rounded up   I thought using Taunt instead switching could save me time, but I encountered the same amount of Pokémon, lol. This time I remembered to register the Pay Day profit.  In both runs I used Exp Share in a Starmie to EV train it.
  8. Route 10: Pokémaniac Herman: $2160 Hiker Trent: $1539 Picnicker Carol: $945 Hiker Clark: $1701   Route 8: Lass Julia: $792 Gamer Rich: $2592 Super Nerd Glenn: $1188 Twins Eli & Anne: $594 Lass Paige: $828 Super Nerd Leslie: $1404 Lass Andrea: $864 Lass Megan: $684 Biker Jaren: $1080 Biker Ricardo: $1035 Super Nerd Aidan: $1080 Gamer Stan: $2376   Route 16: Youg Couple Lea & Jed: $1827 Biker Lao: $1512 Cue Ball Koji: $1512 Cue Ball Luke: $1566 Biker Hideo: $1485 Biker Ruben: $1260 Cue Ball Camron: $1566   Route 17 Biker Virgil: $1260 Cue Ball Isaiah: $1566 Cue Ball Raul: $1566 Biker Billy: $1485 Biker Nikolas: $1305 Cue Ball Jamal: $1404 Cue Ball Zeek: $1782 Cue Ball Corey: $1566  Biker Jaxon: $1305 Biker William: $1125   Route 18   Bird Keeper Wilton: $1566 Bird Keeper Jacob: $1404 Bird Keeper Ramiro: $1836
  9. Water Path:   Aroma Lady Rose: $3087 Twins Miu & Mia; $1350   Green Path:   Psychic Jacklyn: $2205   Outcast Island:   Fisherman Tylor: $3969   Bond Bridge:   Twins Joy & Meg: $999 Aroma Lady Violet: $2268 Aroma Lady Nikki: $2331   Kindle Road   Picnicker Claire: $1575 Camper Bryce: $1620 Crush Girl Tanya: $2052 Crush Kin Mik & Kia: $2106 Black Belt Shea; $2052 Black Belt Hugh: $1998 Crush Girl Sharon: $1998 Fisherman Tommy: $2835   (I ignored the swimmers and tubers of these areas)
  10. Data of Tanoby Ruins trainers:   Painter Edna: $1800 Gentleman Clifford: $5292 Ruin Maniac Benjamin: $5184 Ruin Maniac Brendon: $5400
  11. I used the Pay Day method and gathered the data.   Location: Artisan Cave Encounters/hour: 129 Profit/hour: $56.180   :( Well, at least I got 129 Speed EV points...
  12. There isn't. If you find some place, let me know.
  13. Hey, I was doing Island Runs and decided to register the profits.    In Five Island, I noticed that Youngster Destin's reward is different.     Also, there is a Swimmer in Resort Gorgeous available to battle:   [spoiler]     [/spoiler]
  14.   You don't need to use Thief farming Leftovers. A Smeargle can use False Swipe, for example, and then if Snorlax carry Leftovers you will know because the system message. :P
  15. Nice guide. :) Like the Pick Up guide, is very informative and useful.     I have some contributions to make:   Island Runs   You can use a Persian Lv100 in the NPC battles too, because you can use Pay Day one time in the battle and get extra $400-500. The Starmie could use another item, while Persian uses Amulet Coin. In the Desperate Times Run, you could add the trainers of Green Path and Outcast Island, in Island 6. Same thing for Tanoby Ruins in Island 7. These trainers are far away, but for someone desperate they are profitable. You could include some trainers of Bond Bridge and Kindle Road, some of them give considerable money. There are trainers in routes of Kanto that give some good money too. Not sure about the amount, need to be checked. The ones that give less money could be included in Desperate Times Run.   Leftovers Farming   Farming Leftovers without Pick Up is not smart. I used Pick Up there in 100 encounters and got 2 Leftovers and captured a Snorlax with 1. If I had used your method, I would have ended with only 1 Leftovers instead 3. Also, you should not run from everything else, because these Pokémon are level 30-40, so using Pay Day while farming will give you some good money.   Silk Scarf Farming   Lost Cave is more profitable that most people know of. Using a Lv100 Meowth with PayDay and Odor Sleuth makes you hit the ghosts with PayDay, while using Pick Up. They only know Shadow Ball/Shadow Punch as offensive moves, so they won't touch Meowth, giving the chance to use Odor Sleuth and then PayDay. The only problem is Confuse Ray, and is not really a problem, because my Meowth knows Rest to recover and I switch to a Smeargle with Own Tempo and Spore specialized in catching (which is very common and most people would not have to make one). Destiny Bond is not a problem, just use Odor Sleuth until the ghost uses another move. Lost Cave is great to train Special Attack and Speed at the same time. So you can do EV Training, farm Silk Scarf and get profit with PayDay.  If you wanna stay in Lost Cave without having to surf everytime you run out of pp, you can use Rest in Meowth to recover its hp and then encounter a weak Pokémon, like Tentacool, to wake up. You can also carry some Awakenings, they are cheaper than berries. You could also mention Leppa Berry.   PayDay   Well, someone already mentioned Artisan Cave, but... this place is great, because Smeargles are weak and are OHKO'ed easily by Persian and are in a high level. Shiny Smeargle isn't bad too.
  16. Berry Forest   100 encounters walking in the grass   Potions: - Repels:  Max Repel 1x Balls: - Berries: - Other: Leftovers 2x   Sevault Canyon 100 encounters walking in the grass   Potions: Hyper Potion 2x Repels:  Super Repel 2x Balls: Ultra Ball 1x, Great Ball 1x Berries: Belue Berry 1x, Qualot Berry 1x, Tamato Berry 1x Other: Sharp Beak 1x Mt. Moon B1F   200 encounters walking in the cave Potions: Potion 4x Repels:  Repel 1x Balls: Poké Ball 3x Berries: - Other: Big Mushroom 2x, Escape Rope 2x, Everstone 2x, Hard Stone 3x, Moon Stone 1x Lost Cave   300 encounters walking in the cave   Potions: Hyper Potion 4x Repels: Max Repel 3x Balls: Ultra Ball 4x Berries: - Other: Silk Scarf 6x, Spell Tag 5x
  17.   Mt. Ember is far away from a pokécenter and using PayDay makes you use ExpShare, so you would gain 1 Special Attack EV point instead 2 with Macho Brace in Route 113. The guide focus in EV training only and the most effective places. If someone wants to make profit with EV training, there is a lot of methods that this guide can't and won't include.   Linoone = 15% Zigzagoon = 10% Mightyena = 15% Poochyena = 10% Absol = 8% That makes 58% chance of getting the desired EVs. Route 120 is not good for EV training.
  18. Route 11   100 encounters walking in the grass:   Potions: Potion 4x, Super Potion 1x Repels: Repel 3x, Super Repel 1x  Balls: Poké Ball 3x, Great Ball 1x Berries: Leppa Berry 1x, Rawst Berry 1x, Aspear Berry 1x Other: -   PS.: I didn't find any Magnet/Metal Coat with Pick Up or Magnemites in Route 11. The Pokédex says there are Magnemites in Route 11.   Route 21   100 encounters walking in the grass:   Potions: - Repels: Super Repel 3x, Max Repel 1x Balls: Great Ball 1x Berries: Aguav Berry, Figy Berry Other: -
  19. Updated with Hoenn locations!
  20.   Well, replacing moves wrongly is the only thing I never did, because there is a warning before, saying that your pkm is learning a new move and blabla. But releasing the wrong pkm, using net and nest balls instead pokeball, being scammed, etc, I think we all have been there.
  21. Yes, it involves the use of two roms. But the point is, Masterball is tradeable, so one player can trade one with another player. I don't consider it cheating if you can pass any item. If Masterball wasn't tradeable in the original games, that would be a different history.
  22. I believe Masterball isn't op in PokeMMO like it is in the original games, because it has only one use and is scarce. (sorry, repeating again) With the access to Masterball we could stop using Smeargle as lead, playing more freely and don't have to choose between losing a shiny or play with the lead that you want. It is already bad enough the lost shiny in Safari Zone. Like I already said, in the original games we can farm Masterball, therefore there is no worry about the leading pokémon. It is not absurd at all. I would love discuss with you if you stop offending me and calling me ignorant just because I disagree with you.
  23.   Altering breeding isn't a ~entirely different concept~, it still makes the things easier to the players. The difference is it was more needed and had more impact in the gameplay. But both are the same concept. What I am suggesting isn't needed or urgent. It is about giving the option to the player buy a item if he feels the need. We have one move tutor in each character and now we will have renewable ones. The concept of a renewable resource isn't new and is being considered in other things.  In the same way it doesn't have a lot of reasons to be implemented, it also doesn't have serious negative consequences. It is not a big deal. It won't change drastically the game, so why not? Also, some players suggested different sources to get a Masterball. If purchasing Masterball isn't a good idea, the other ideas could be used. Unless you really have something against Masterballs.
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