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  1. Artisan Cave: 200 encounters Meowth Pick-up Potions: Hyper Potion 4x Repels: Max Repel 1x Balls: Ultra Ball 5x Berries/Seeds: - Other: Energy Root 10x, Silk Scarf 2x Trainer Pick-Up Potions: Super Potion 2x Repels: Super Repel 4x Balls: Great Ball 3x Berry Forest: 300 encounters Meowth Pick-up Potions: - Repels: - Balls: - Berries/Seeds: Cheri Berry 2x, Oran Berry 1x, Pinap Berry 1x, Razz Berry 1x, Rawst Berry 3x, Wepear Berry 1x Other: Miracle Seed 5x, Leaf Stone 2x, Leftovers 3x, Revi
  2.       I bet I got luck because I disagreed before with Kaynine, haha. Life is ironic as hell.
  3. Lost Cave   161 encounters   Potions: Hyper Potion 3x Repels: Max Repel 3x Balls: Ultra Ball 1x Berries: - Other: Silk Scarf 7x
  4.   Location: Lost Cave Encounters/hour: 161 Silk Scarf: 7x Profit/hour: $280.000 + $29.540 (PayDay) = $309.540 = $310.000 rounded up   I used Pay Day and Bite, so I killed 61 more Pokémon and consequently got more profit.    I guess it makes a huge difference, then.  :blink:
  5.   I used Taunt first, then Odor Sleuth, and finally Pay Day against Gastly/Haunter.    My method got 100 encounters, while Liquid Frost got 112. I got 4x Silk Scarf with 100 encounters, Liquid Frost got 2x with 112 encounters, you got 4x with 100+ encounters. Encountering 10% more Pokémon doesn't make a huge difference in the end. The chance to drop 1x Silk Scarf in the 10% is small and doesn't guarantee that the player will get it and compensate the profit the player would get with PayDay. If the player has a bad luck and get just one Silk Scarf, at least the Pay Day profits
  6. Lost Cave   200 encounters   Potions: Hyper Potion 2x, Super Potion 4x Repels: Max Repel 2x, Super Repel 3x Balls: Ultra Ball 1x, Great Ball 2x Berries: - Other: Silk Scarf 5x, Spell Tag 4x   I know we have enough data of Lost Cave, but I was farming Silk Scarf and couldn't resist to register the loot.
  7. I was planning to do Silk Scarf farming, but you were faster, lol.   First farming   Location: Lost Cave Encounters/hour: 100 Silk Scarf: 1x Profit/hour: $40000   In this first run I was using Meowth with Pay Day and Odor Sleuth with support of a Smeargle with Own Tempo and Spore. When Gastly/Haunter used Confuse Ray I had to do switches, so the whole process was really time-consuming. I forgot to register the profit with Pay Day in this first run.   In the last 10 min I had the idea to use Taunt, so I could avoid switching to Smeargle and switching back to Meowt
  8. Route 10: Pokémaniac Herman: $2160 Hiker Trent: $1539 Picnicker Carol: $945 Hiker Clark: $1701   Route 8: Lass Julia: $792 Gamer Rich: $2592 Super Nerd Glenn: $1188 Twins Eli & Anne: $594 Lass Paige: $828 Super Nerd Leslie: $1404 Lass Andrea: $864 Lass Megan: $684 Biker Jaren: $1080 Biker Ricardo: $1035 Super Nerd Aidan: $1080 Gamer Stan: $2376   Route 16: Youg Couple Lea & Jed: $1827 Biker Lao: $1512 Cue Ball Koji: $1512 Cue Ball Luke: $1566 Biker Hideo: $1485 Biker Ruben: $1260 Cue Ball Camron: $1566   Route 17 Biker Virgil: $1260 Cue Ball Is
  9. Water Path:   Aroma Lady Rose: $3087 Twins Miu & Mia; $1350   Green Path:   Psychic Jacklyn: $2205   Outcast Island:   Fisherman Tylor: $3969   Bond Bridge:   Twins Joy & Meg: $999 Aroma Lady Violet: $2268 Aroma Lady Nikki: $2331   Kindle Road   Picnicker Claire: $1575 Camper Bryce: $1620 Crush Girl Tanya: $2052 Crush Kin Mik & Kia: $2106 Black Belt Shea; $2052 Black Belt Hugh: $1998 Crush Girl Sharon: $1998 Fisherman Tommy: $2835   (I ignored the swimmers and tubers of these areas)
  10. Data of Tanoby Ruins trainers:   Painter Edna: $1800 Gentleman Clifford: $5292 Ruin Maniac Benjamin: $5184 Ruin Maniac Brendon: $5400
  11. I used the Pay Day method and gathered the data.   Location: Artisan Cave Encounters/hour: 129 Profit/hour: $56.180   :( Well, at least I got 129 Speed EV points...
  12. There isn't. If you find some place, let me know.
  13. Hey, I was doing Island Runs and decided to register the profits.    In Five Island, I noticed that Youngster Destin's reward is different.     Also, there is a Swimmer in Resort Gorgeous available to battle:   [spoiler]     [/spoiler]
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