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  1. I just googled it and didn't find anything from a reliable source so I guess it's likely that it was made up. Nothing wrong with being a socialist though. ,-)
  2. I love these questionaires guys, please make some new ones next time someone asks to join.
  3. Congratulations on the tagteam win Forf .-) (and Nik too if he should see this).
  4.   ThonkNose is banned? Only on forums, or also ingame? They really fucked up with this one, he's a quite important personality on these forums. .-P
  5. Why ÄURA? .-( Those 2 dots makes it look Sweedish to me... [spoiler] http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Svenska_alfabetet [/spoiler]
  6. I almost forgot, I was to "Fysikrevy" ("physics revue") yesterday, and the party afterwards had a pokemon theme (pretty cool actualy), but they'd made this list (prolly found them on the internet): [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  7. Fine, got 10 (I think that's like a B?) in everything we've finished so far. We're still waiting for the results for "Matematik for fysikere" (math for physicians) and I don't think that went very well though. .-/ So far it hasn't been too much work, but it is starting to get more complicated, I've herd that "elektromagnetisme" (electromagnetism?), which we started on this week has a 50 % failratio. .-)
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