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  1. Apart from the nature that might be useable that is a great pile of junk you got there. (Hint, if you are not sure what nature would be worst, go for lax or gentle). Edit: Also, I don't see any problem asking for stuff back if you change your mind. If I'd had a shiny from him I'd give it back any time he asked.
  2. I'd really like someone commentating on the masters. (But also other official turnaments). I remember months ago watching commented streams of some doubble turney Goldeneyes ended up winning because of a crit or something, but I find it really entertaining to hear the stream. The best turnament I remember watching after being send out early. If someone who knows the meta wants to make a commented stream of some official turnaments I'd be really happy. .-D
  3. I tihnk it's reddicullus if this is to spend more money on balls. Worst money sink I've ever herd of, it can't be that hard to change the list? .-)   Edit I have more faith in the developers than to think the reason is that stupid. ^-D
  4. Just downloaded so haven't had time to see all the glitches yet, the characters are the same as always but else it seems to be working fine. Thise is so genious. ^-D
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