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  1. [quote name='JWingWangWong' timestamp='1366428922' post='297212'] [url="https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/17236-perfecting-the-trading-system/"]Back in my trading thread[/url], I mentioned something about how a TM could be identified. What if you didn't need to attach a TM to a Pokemon and you could just simply drag and drop the item to the trading interface? If you wanted more information about the TM you cover either hover over it like in the bag or do something like this: [img]http://gyazo.com/73d6600caf11555ee4815123f38274fe.png?1365023428[/img] But I do like the idea of knowing what the TM is. I support it if some form of it comes to exist. Edit: Wrong link in the first sentence. [/quote] I like the idea of just a new trade system where you can trade items.
  2. Ive been +1 to this idea for a long time now.
  3. If there was more staff available at all times around the day . there could been a ranked battle system where 2 people battle under the vision of a CM or GM and the record who won the battle.
  4. i think its clear we need a new way of organizing tournaments and sign ups >.>
  5. Confirmed both underground baths allow bike use.
  6. [quote name='Atuan' timestamp='1357413065' post='154588'] I would pair this with running indoors and biking in the underground path. [/quote] which underground path cause i know u can ride a bike in the path connecting cerulean and vermillion. Edited: I said celadon i meant cerulean.
  7. Are Steel and Dark type attacks allowed during the event? since they are 2nd gen moves and would offer a big advantage...
  8. [quote name='MrMasonMan' timestamp='1365995862' post='286198'] Just type /unstuck, then fly where you want. [/quote] +1 for unstuck to escape the roof of hell.
  9. The point was they can be using the time to widen the game rather then fine tune the game. you get me? this is something they should add when the game is nearly complete in terms of content.
  10. This sounds like alot of development work when then devs can be working on new regions >.>
  11. I think people are just wanting the game to be easier but easier is not always better. All these GC suggestions are just people looking to be lazier or have instant gratification. Earn your wins guys.
  12. This thread is officially going no where.
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