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  1. Went to semis in nu tourney. Lf partner assuming Stat don't want to. If he does. We got this Stat
  2. best bday present ever jay lub u <3
  3. Hope you had a great birthday c:

    1. mauru2


      I did, but brain lef my laptop at a freinds house, so no interent really lol, and still no phone :/ butty much, u were still the first to say it :P :D

    2. Ploegy


      What a pleb and get a new phone already! But I'm glad I was the first haha

  4. registration on my 21st bday oh well forums looks like where ill be.
  5. winner def was chosen correctly. even though done it pencil, it comes more alive imo than any of the others
  6. Background: Anything cool Pokemon: any IGN and Team Tag: Mauru CBII Team name: Compuboyz Effects: any Font:any Other message:nah glow is cool
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