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  1. I dont see this happening man, mostly because this game needs money sinks, and this is one of them, and anyway, the berry usage will be reduced when choice band get implemented ETA 2016
  2. *Pseudo 3rd gen There is a few later generation mechanics implemented in PokeMMO, so why not.
  3. Man you are the ninja of the forums I never see you talk on it but yet see your likes.

    1. DuoFacies


      jejeje it's just so funny to read some things out there, off topic specially.

  4. At least.....it's time to show the power of the surimi.
  5. Is Joey a rattata lover member of the staff?
  6. Hope someone find a shiny rattata while hunting to win a shiny rattata...
  7. Nature have any value on this? instead of IVs
  8. Any words in this planet can't repair the damage in your heart....(Except this: "I gift you a shiny scyther")
  9. DuoFacies


    Hi and welcome Zaiya!!! ....this is my face right now...jk
  10. Hola ruben, si quieres encontrar gente de habla hispana en el juego ve al channel 5. Buena suerte. Hi ruben, welcome to pokemmo, if you want to find hispanic speakers go to channel 5. But i think your english its good so you probably dont need it. Good luck.
  11. [quote name='Gilgamesh' timestamp='1368646685' post='336581'] Did she check her email for a link to activate her account? I'm assuming that's whats wrong. [/quote] Thanks a lot gilgamesh, i will ask her.
  12. Hello there, a friend of mine want to participate, but she makes her forum account yesterday, and its in "validating" process, the question is: How many hours the validating process take? Hope someone can answer me please, Greetings
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