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  1. I got into a tourney finally. Quarter Finals I was out T_T

  2.     I was worried it was going to be Mr.Mime because of the name lol
  3. I was banned..... Fucking no clue why, I have never done anything wrong ever. This is bullshit.

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    2. edIRL


      it says nothing just that I'm banned and I have to appeal T_T

    3. TheGloriousWalrus
    4. edIRL


      Im online wut!!!!!!!!!!

  4. true dat:) route 12 is now complete beast mode for atk speed:) 6 electrodes winning:) Also pidgeots fearow and noctowl(hp i know but still)
  5. Someon cud also do this by making a theme ?
  6. I know i said that i just think this idea would save time.
  7. I use npcs a lot fro ev training as it can be done faster with them. I have memorised a lot of trainers and what evs they have but I feel theres room for improvement.   I suggest that the ev yield of a battle be displayed over the npc's head when some button is pressed.   I usually use this guide to decide what trainers to battle http://strategywiki.org/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_FireRed_and_LeafGreen/Route_12-13   For Example Ned the fisherman has 2 goldeens and a poliwag. Over his head would appear [0,2,0,0,0,1] as goldeen has one atk ev each and poliwag has one speed ev.
  8. ok ill make list first then make thread thanks
  9. pm me ur list of kanto shinies and ur preference which is wrath i gather:)
  10. im making a list of shiny kanto owners in the hopes of having an event /showcase of all of them. i will post list of pokemon and owners once i have a sufficient amount
  11. Shiny Phanpy!!!!!!!!

  12. what about vanity items for the pokemon overworld sprites? Maybe start of with starters? Also a t shirt with umbreon rings that go blue in the night,yellow in the day:)
  13. team tourneys wud be awweeeeeesoooommmeeeee!!!!!!!!!!  plus 1:)
  14. Goggles like Tai please:)
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